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Congradualtions on your new assignment Master Sergeant! This is William Herring from North Dakota. Our unit is still very small, but I have recently been asked to become a member of the SS. I of course accepted. I feel very honored and priveledged to be a part of that Division and this fine organization. Sgt. Connelly and I have spoken at great length about upgrading that Division as well as re-instituting some 'overlooked" regulations concerning appearance, uniforms, etc...
As I mentioned during our discussion in Miluakee, I spent quite some time in prison and therefore have never attended college, so I do not possess any degrees or professional training. I am however a fair speaker/writer. So perhaps in addtion to my new duties in the SS, I could be used in that capacity in some way for our organization. I am very comortable speaking to large numbers of people and in my opinion, fairly articulate and diplomatic when discussing our ideologies with opponents and detractors.
Whatever capacity I can best serve the NSM, I will do so to the best of my abilities.
                                                                     William Herring
                                                                     NSM North Dakota

Don't get caught with egg on your face. Play Chicktionary! Check it out!

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