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Everything is going well here with me and my little family. I go on regular flyer runs and we keep informed of all that is happening in the white nationalist world. It is unfortunate that Col. Bishop decided to step down, but all things must end and he has the responsibility of taking care of his ailing wife, so this is understandable.
On that note, I could not agree more with your decision to promote Staff Sergeant Wilson to the leadership of the Stormtroop Division. He is more than qualified for this position and the great majority of us look up to him. I do not know if he has accepted this responsibliity as I have not spoken to him in weeks. I do know that he and Col. Bishop were very close friends, but I cannot imagine that this has in any way affected his association with the NSM.
I also see that MSST Kris Johnson has been appointed to head all of the Northern States. This was an excellent decision. Master Sergeant Johnson is an extremely dedicated and articulate man who will give all that he has for this cause. I spoke with him for about a half an hour in Miluakee, and it was very productive.
In closing Sir, I want to thank you once again for givng me this chance to fight for my race and contribute something worthwhile. Being asked to become a probationary member of the SS is a tremendous honor, and I give my word that I will fulfill my oath.
Best of luck to you Commander in your new locale. If you need anything or have any concerns that need to be addressed in this area, let me know immediately. I have already been informed of what transpired between you and Angela. This sucks, but believe me, I understand. Goddamn do I ever. A lot of people do not understand that we are all human and that shit happens.
Sgt. Connelly and I have discussed this and we agree that the role of the SS is to ensure that all our Commander should need to worry about is his next speech. We will do all that we can to ensure that this is the way it is.
                                                                                 SS Cadet William Herring
                                                                                 NSM North Dakota

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