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I have been made aware of the current situation. Not to worry Sir. We are on top of this and it is being handled. This has been compartmentalized and isolated and will not reach the ears of of those who would use this to their advantage. Key members of the NSM have been contacted and their loyalty is firm. Col. Bishop seems intent on resigning, and that is a great loss. However, Sgt. Connelly and I have both agreed that Staff Sergeant Charles Wilson is more than qualified to be appointed to the head of the Stormtrooper Division if Bishop's resignation is verified.
Every organization suffers these growing pains. I for one will not let this bs affect my committment to the NSM.  Let us rise to this new challenge. I must say that I recognize my place in the NSM. I do not want to step out of bounds. I have only been a member for about 10 months and have no illusions or mistaken ideas about my position here. I am not in charge, I do not make policy, therefore my opinion is secondary to those who are running the show.
Honestly Jeff, I really believe that we are standing on the precipice of either failure or complete success. It is up to us. Whatever happens Sir, I am behind you 100%. It is time to get serious and take the reigns of control Commander. We are looking to you as an example, and the reason so many are dissatisfied with the NSM is because they believe you are not fitting their conception of what a leader should be. I did not intend on being insubordinate with that statement Sir... I have complete faith in you, but this is the impression I get from others in the NSM and even those outside of this organization. We spoke during the ride to Miluakee, we both know that your woman is drivng you apeshit. But a lot of people, despite a lot of damage control, were very aware of the woman who was with you in Miluakee.
Please Sir, do not misunderstand. I am making no judgements or even commenting on that situation. I am a man myself and completely understand. Goddamn do I ever.... But as our leader you are under intense pressure and scrutiny, and held under a magnifying glass that most of us are not.
In short Sir I believe that we can rise above the current situation. Whatever happens Commander, I took an oath and I will remain loyal until you show up at my door and personally tell me the NSM has been disbanded.
                                                                  Heil Hitler!
                                                                  Private First Class William Herring
                                                                  NSM North Dakota

Don't get caught with egg on your face. Play Chicktionary! Check it out!

--- End Message ---

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