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NSM staff Fwd: Conversations on National Socialism

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From: Horst Wessel <>
Date: Apr 24, 2008 1:43 AM
Subject: Conversations on National Socialism



Greetings, obviously, I am not Horst Wessel, but I assume and hope, you know who Horst was, or actually what he was made to stand for. 


I have been looking through the numerous web sites as well as watching hours of you tube in an effort to evaluate the current state of National Socialism.


First, let me state, I am a National Socialist.  I have been for quite some time, however I have not been able to be so publicly.  I feel much like the werewolf's in Germany after 1945.


I am what you would call "Aryan", actually of German decent with a very much Aryan family, many children, all blond and blue eyes.  We have our own secret family ceremony's, I will be presenting my wife with the Golden Mothers Cross with a copy of Hitlers "Mutter & Child 1910" this weekend, she is very much a National Socialist and would be one publicly, if not for me.


I am not harmed at all by the present "system", in fact I have done very well and make a very good living that allows my family to live well and my wife to stay home.  We want for nothing, yet I am revolted at the decadence and the lack of pride and discipline.  In short, I am one of those establishment types that the Fuhrer sought out and needed to solidify, and yes, I am a National Socialist.


My cause of concern is on of viability.  I want a National Socialist Party that is credible. 


American National Socialism is and must be fundamentally different than German National Socialism for a large number of reason, culture being first and for most.  Americans are not prone to uniforms and ultra nationalism as my German decedents were.


I submit to you that if the NASDAP were still in power today, 70 years after January 30, 1933, they would be fundamentally different. 


What we American National Socialist need is a " Vienna Period", I'm sure you know the significance of that term.  It is reflection.


We need to to take account as Hitler did in Lands berg.


Just prior to 1933, Goebbels made the following statements as guidelines:


10 Commandments
for National-Socialists

Your country is the mainspring of your life; remember this always!

Germany is your Fatherland; love it above all, and more in deeds than in words.

Germany's enemies are your enemies; hate them with all your heart.

3. Every national comrade, even the lowliest, is part of
Germany; love him as you love yourself.

4. Demand only duties for yourself; then
Germany will also regain rights and privileges.

5. Be proud of
Germany; you have a right to take pride in a Fatherland for which millions gave their lives.

6. He who abuses
Germany abuses you and your deceased; repay him with your fists!

7. Repay like with like and then some. If you are denied your just rights, remember: you can secure them again only through your own political movement.

8. Do not be a hooligan anti-Semite--but beware of the Berliner Tageblatt! (1)

9. Live your life in such a way that one day you will not need to stand ashamed before a new

10. Have faith in the future; only thus will you win it.


Please look at the (3) I have underlined.  The NSDAP in Germany in the 1920's mandated that all Party Members review a book they printed entitled, " Discipline and Order: Foundations of National Socialist Ethics".


Please do not consider my comments as any form of mockery or attack.  Quite the opposite, as a National Socialist, I want to see a Party day on the scale of Nuremberg.


By the way, have you watched the unedited videos of those Party days, of what they actually did other then the official speeches??  It gives you a unique insight of how to build a political party.


Issues, Issues, Issues.......


The current economic times mirror what was happening in Germany, i.e, the time is ripe for National Socialism, what we are lacking is Focus, Mission, Discipline, Priority, Sacrifice, Evolution, and Timing.


I watched the Washington March, I have been watching for sometime. 


There are groups of untapped potential that are ripe for recruitment, but will require much different outreach.


Do you recall how Hitler finally got Hindenburg to warm to him??  He held a ceremony in Potsdam and honored German Traditionn essentially married the traditional German culture and traditions with National Socialism.  We must do the same, in a different manner.


Look at the Mormons as an example of how to build organization in the face of public consternation,  The NSDAP in Germany built their organization much the same way.


In the end, Hitler came out of Landberg having gone through another "Vienna Period", of reflection.  he had the courage of conviction to know that if Party was to obtain power, it would have to evolve and change, so willing to do so, he sacrificed Roehm.


There are LOTS of people like me, LOTS of National Socialists who want to come out of the wood work.




There is a lot of talent and resources National Socialist talent and resources that is not being tapped.


I would like to engage in some discussion of issue development as a fundamentalist National Socialist, perhaps I can help you from afar.



Ich Kampfe


Horst Wessel



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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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