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NSM staff Fwd: Hello from Cadillac Michigan

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From: Mack-D <>
Date: May 1, 2008 4:41 AM
Subject: Hello from Cadillac Michigan

Hello.  I am a white male individual from Cadillac, Michigan.  Here, in northern michigan, the individuals possess very strong wills for the white pride movement.  Though I do not consider myself a Nazi or skinhead, I am very proud of my white/German heritage, and also am a VERY strong socialist (as far as economics and politics are concerned).  As a worker in the healthcare field (I am a Nuclear Medicine Technologist), I do my part to care for other individuals in my local area and am very proud to provide my contribution to the children of the forefathers who led this great country to the nation (even though I am disgusted with the healthcare in America today). 

I am sending this e-mail as a white socialist, and I believe that this party can use national health care as a great benefit in it's campaign for a better America.  I think that healthcare for the people of Germany, would have been one of the party's great plans if their desired outcome would have prospired.

America is the only country (besides South Africa...and some other African countries) that does NOT have national healthcare, and I believe it is the job of the white people, the ancestors of the forefather's of our nation, to bring that to our people!
We can spread the word, and bring health and wellness to our people in this time of need, during a time when this economy is down, during a time when the majority of people do not have health insurance, and are suffering in pain and sickness for the nation they helped build!
My uncle (my mother's brother), who's UNCLE fought for the Germans during WW2 (my great uncle...god bless him may he rest in peace as of 1994), DIED last week due to the fact from cancer....a form of cancer he could have received chemotherapy and radiation treatment for....but could not due to the lack of payment, DESPITE the fact that he had worked for a company that built equipment for our own Military for 30 years!

It is OUR job to bring socialism to the nation.  Of course, if America did receive national healthcare, there would of course be limits....such as no drug addicts and ONLY American citizens. 
Ya, we probably would have to give some  healthcare to the other 'citizens', the African-Americans and what not, but that is a small price to pay to give healthcare to our own brothers and sisters of America, our own blood who are suffering in this country, as it were some third-world country in Africa.

We do not want our OWN PEOPLE suffering like the African's....thats what makes us strong!  The way we treat our own!  
National Healthcare is the #1 LARGEST selling point of National Socialism, and I think that it should be the new #1 campaign movement for the party, as it would recruit more people then one could ever imagine!  As a white, German Nuclear Medicine Technologist (I'm also a Registered Nurse and Hospice worker),  I am asking you to please contact me back.
Because I believe that I could make a difference.  As an educated professional, I could be one of the spokesman for this National Healthcare movement.

Just look at Sweden, Finland, Germany,  Norway......they ALL have excellent national Heatlhcare!!!!   And there is NO reason a country such as america should let it's very own children suffer from sickness, cancer, or die of the common flu!!!!  This movement would be a great benifit to the party.   There are many  individuals of the national socialist movement here in Cadillac, Michigan who would be able to spread the conservatives and liberals alike!

Please contact me back,
Although i am not a skinhead, I am a very good speaker, am articulate, and do believe I would be able to make anybody listen and follow for the American socialist movement,

Thank you,

Michael McDonald

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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