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NSM Staff Re: St.Louis is on getting bad

On 2/13/08, brandon gould <> wrote:
Dear, Commander
I am writing you this email to express what is happening in the St.louis area. We are no longer the city we use to be. There is a major incline in the Racism against whites in this area. Some would called it me being paranoid, but i see it coming. The nigs, and foreigners are making it very hard to call this place home. Every where you go, they are starting trouble, and looking for a fight. It has become unsafe to even leave your homes at night sometimes. They are putting fear in the eyes of the citizens here, and of course the police aint doing a damn thing about it. You may have heard about the the Kirkwood shooting that happened in the last week. A upset nig walks into a bulilding and shoots 2 cops, the mayor of Kirkwood, and couple of city officials. Yes the citys are stepping up there security in government buildings they say. But the word on the streets is that the nigs are justifing what has happened, as that blacks need to stand up and be heard, and not to be taken lightly. It really worries me, due to the fact that i have a child who is being raised in this community. The kids in the schools just blows my minds, the way they act, and think that they can just do what every they want. Living in the St.louis area is like being stuck in a non stop rap video that you cant turn off. The white girls think that the new thing is to get a black and have a kid with them. It just sickens me. It has even happen with the own ranks of my family, which i dont approve of, and that member of the family is no longer allowed around my kid or in my home. But back to what i am writing you about. I fear that in a very short time there is going to start to be some real problems in this area. If obama is to make office, i really fear it will start the war in this area. Some say dont pay attention to it and just live your life, but you cant do that when the things that go on around you affect your life. The society that we all live in today is just plain messed up. When i was in school, yes they did teach about black history, but we also learned about the history of america, the history of our fore fathers. Not about the the history of bosnia, not about the fake history of the monkeys, not about why we should help all these countrys when we dont help our own. Our children should not have to learn a differnet language so that they can understand what the kids in schools are saying. This is america, this is the place that if you want to make a honest living you can, not the place of i am sorry we have to hire someone other then white. I just got laid off from work, it was suppose to be 9 people, but they made it 10 so that they would have one black to not make it look racist. But if you look at all those in charge, they are all black. And to top it all off, not even a hand shake, or thank you for the 4 years of my life i gave to the company. I got out the military beacuse the white man could not make it in the ranks cause of the blacks, no the white man cant make it beacuse of the blacks in the country founded by whites. Sorry about my venting there, but like i was saying. St.Louis needs a awaking to what is going on. We need a rally of the troops, to let these ungrateful monkeys know, that we are not going any where, they we are not to be messed with also, and that we are not scared of them.
Thank You,
The WHITE GUY named Brandon

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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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