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Staff e-mail :Re: Wantting to know more about the NSM.

On 1/15/08, Danny Lee Thompson HKt.B <> wrote:
Hello my name is Danny Lee Thompson and I am a 40 Year old White Male. I am writing to you to learn more about the NSM movement.  I agree with the Ideals of the movement, and I am wondering why there is no Units in Connecticut, or Mass yet?  Also I am a Co-Owner of a small Jewelry Craft business in Connecticut since 2005 its name is Jewelry by Danny Lee Thompson.  I have been getting turned down for help, yet I have learned a Black family in a same trouble I am in has gotten a lot of help when I have been turned down.  I become unemployed in May of 2007 from a second shift job as a Q.C. Auditor because a person from a different country tried to act as my boss, when I went to the company about this they sided with him, so I left them cause I said I would not be bossed by someone who over thinks their job.  I went during the summer working for myself at craft fairs, and shows, and then in winter I went back into the factory to cover for the winter.  In November I was let go because I was not needed any more, and unemployment went back to the company where I left for not wanting to get into a fight over my work.  So I was denied unemployment help, and learned again that a non-citizen was able to get benefits that i was denied. 
I am asking for more information about the movement, and asking if I can hear from a member of the movement.  I am tired of being treated like dirt.  I would even like to be able to get permission from you to be able to sell the movement jewelry and items in my business.  To let you also know my father Edwin Paul Thompson was killed in 1968 by a Black man in Springfield Mass.  That man has never served one day for killing my dad, and has admitted to killing him, but he made my father's body disappear, and at that time the rule was no body no case. 
I know this may sound like I am being upset and stupid, but i am tired of being placed lower then others, and am asking for being able to be allowed to become a National Socialist.
Please respond as soon as you can.
Danny Lee Thompson

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Commander Jeff Schoep
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