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Your welcome. I glad to have the opportunity help the Party. Transportation can eat up your budget quickly. What I can do is offer you my 3, 44 passenger buses and drivers for my cost of $350 each per day. Anything above that (tips.etc) would be appreciated but not necessary. The money you can save on transportation can be used on more important Party issues. Just let me know how I can help out. William  

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2008 14:33:20 -0500

Thank you for your generous offer. We will almost certainly have transportation issues to and from our rally. Understandably, these functions end up costing a substantial amount, and so we must carefully budget each of these events. Are you offering your services for free, or will there be a fee involved? If so, please send us a quote so that we may plan accordingly and decide if this will fit onto our budgeted itinerary. Again, thank you for your offer. We hope that you and your comrades will be able to make it to our demonstration and support us in our endeavour to save this country.
                                                                                William Herring
                                                                                NSM HQ Staff

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