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Commander Schoep addresses the Party on Defeatism

Party Comrades,
Tonight I am tackling the subject of defeatism, and why it must be crushed whenever it appears.
Defeatism is like a crippling disease, or as damaging as someone shouting fire in a crowded theatre. Defeatism is like poison, once it grabs ahold of you, it will impair your judgement and can negatively effect all of those within your own sphere of influence.
Movement defeatism, has large in part been a factor in holding the Pro-White Movement in the U.S. back. Just when it seems that a major obstacle is being overcome, someone throws a monkey wrench into the gears, a fight breaks out, or the "it can't be done" crowd whines so loudly that it puts others off, and the mission stagnates. We have all seen it, the crew that sits home during a Rally, or the 10 guys that don't show up at an event because someone they don't like is there, or other childish playground type of stuff.
This address is particularly aimed at the NSM membership as a whole, therefore any other groups reading this that don't like it, thats just too bad. I am not in this struggle to be your Buddy, or friend, I am in this for our Race until Victory or Death. It is my intent to completely route all forms of defeatism out of the Party Ranks, and then eventually the entire Movement. If we as a people are going to surge forward, we need to do that with focus, a clear mind, and an Iron resolve, unshakeable, and solid as steel. The words "can't be done" must be erased from our vocabulary, and never spoken again. Complacency, and the other c word can't, have rotted the Aryan Soul, and held us back from our Mission.
The NSM is at the forefront of the struggle, leading our troops right to the frontlines. We will continue our solid growth, and move forward without a doubt. The Focus of our Party and our end goals are 100 times more important than the feelings of the individual. The Folk and the greater good is always more important than the individual. There is no me, or you in National Socialism it is for the greater good of the Folk, period, without exception!
Most all of you fellow Party members already know these things, or you would not be here. However for the new Folks, or for those who forgot Party Policy I bring up the bitter pill that is defeatism. It will not be tolerated in our Ranks, so before you speak ill of the Party, think to your self first on what the consequences could be.
On behalf of myself, Col. Bishop, and the NSM Staff we thank all of you who have stood alongside of us through thick and thin, battle to battle, and on into the future. Hail Victory!

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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