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Defeatism is intolerable in the NSM

Sgt. Major Bowles,
Today I woke up to a message from a former Comrade Jim Ramm demanding on my phone answering machine $1,000. extortion/blackmail, or whatever you want to call it, to end internet attacks on NSM members and myself. I have the recording saved. Then I checked my e-mail box, and found an open admission from Jim Ramm that he is collaborating with the jewish ADL. I stared in disbelief at the message for a few minutes. I sent you a copy of that message, so you know of it also. I then thought of my statement about Honor and the Oath, and about how the Party membership must remain hard at all times in the face of anything the enemy throws at us.
I know we have a solid Officer and NCO Corps, so I was mostly unconcerned, with the exception that Jim Ramm is now acting exactly like Bill White outting people's addresses on-line.
Then I see your website announcing this: Attention, Attention, Atention. The National Socialist Movement is in disarray, the 2008 Pres Candidate is deciding within 48 hours on course of action. Let me make that decision for you, you are hearby released from duty in the National Socialist Movement, and the Party will not be running a Candidate for President in 2008. As a Party veteran, You above all people should never waiver in the face of any drama, much less feed into the drama and make a false claim that the Party is in disarray. I am not sure which National Socialist Movement you are talking about, because the NSM is stronger today than it has ever been. Nothing is in disarray, only those who allow themselves to fail against the rising tide are in disarray. The rest of the Party remains HARD, INTACT, AND WILLING TO WALK THROUGH THE PITS OF HELL IF NEED BE, TO INSURE OUR VICTORY!  It is unfortunate that you are unwilling to march alongside of your fellow Comrades, as the battle for Race and Nation heats up.
I took a hard line on defeatism when I first joined the NSM, and would not even tolerate people around me who talked poorly of our plight as a people. Then as I matured I tried to become more diplomatic and understanding of people's feelings, but still had that burning hate for defeatism. Now as our window of opportunity as a Race/Folk in the United States is getting smaller, the Party must get less diplomatic and twice as hard, even amongst our own. Defeatism is intolerable, and I will not tolerate it from anyone in this Party again.
Upon your release from the Party, I would like to wish you the best, thank you for the time served, and extend an offer of good will. In the future if your outlook on life, and views on defeatism come back onto par with the Party, I would certainly be interested in speaking with you at that time.
In the interest of the Party, and in service to the Folk,  Commander Schoep/ NSM

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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