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jewish nazi's? strangest news yet from occupied Palestine


I was contacted by a woman in Occupied Palestine a few months ago and she had mentioned that many Russian jews were fans of National Socialism. I responded that it was one of the strangest things I have heard, jews that like Nazi's (ha ha ha). She contacted me again today with this article. The English version of the story is in the link below, however the actual newspaper article itself was much more detailed and had pictures of these guys saluting, and a on-line video of them attacking a fellow jew, kicking him in the face etc. I could not get the pics to attach to this e-mail, but sure enough they claimed in the paper to be inspired by the NSM. I think this is the strangest news article I have ever forwarded. Self hating jews who want to be National Socialists, attacking other jews in jewish occupied Palestine. Wow, if the Mossad hated us before, now they will really hate, as the NSM supposedly even turns jews against one another. Wait a minute, now I know where the NSDAP got their jewish Kapo Bosses for the work camps. Looks like the new generation of Kapo's have arrived (lol). See here:

Mr Schoep,  

I Think you Might Like to See The (Leadng) Israeli Newspaper HeadLines This Morning (spt 9 - added you some photos) - The Israeli Police Has Uncover Jewish Neo Nazi's org ..let me short in Lines and Give you the English Link,7340,L-3447377,00.html

More detailed about the Issue  Can Found on the paper itself - As one of the members reveals He Was all inspired From the party in the United State NSM (your Website ).

xxxxxxxx (name withheld)


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