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RE: Next rally

Comrade Bill,

Your possible new duties will be revealed to you in due time. Speaking at the next rally is certainly something we would like to see you do. Also I meant what I said about Angela, she see's it as Duty (and it is), but the Party Leadership see's a few different kinds of people. The people that always catch my attention are the ones that go out of their way to push a little harder and do a little extra in all they do. Be it saving up to attend our events, being the first one at roll call, picking up after events, simply volunteering for extra duties/work, or like in Angela case (or some of our elderly guys), getting out there even when it is physically difficult.

Ok, I gotta cut it short, too much too do, too little time. Thanks again for all you do. 88 Commander Schoep


From: William Herring <>
To: <>
Subject: Next rally
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 13:25:54 -0400

Sir-Just wanted to thank you and the NSM for once again giving us the opportunity to contribute to our race and nation. Angela was insistant on going so I really couldn't tell her no. She was very happy and a little embaressed by your compliment on your e-mail. (Shes modest, and doesn't feel that her showing up in Omaha was anything special-just doing her duty, in her own words.) In any event, she thanks you.
I have been pondering your order to prepare a speech for our next rally. I will certainly follow your instructions and put together something special, I am a little nervous, but I think I speak well when the occasion demands and it and I will not let you down.
I spoke at length with St. Sergeant Wilson at the after-party. I am very pleased that my utter committment to this organization has been recognized. I don't much care one way or another about zooming up the ranks, my only concern is serving this movement to the best of my abilities. I would happily remain in the NSM for the next twenty years as a Private as long as I can be a part of making history, which is what we are doing. I was very flattered in your request and your faith in me that I will not be a disaster and make an ass of myself and embaress my comrades at the next rally by being mediocre or not making any sense when I deliver my little speech. I have been given an order and it will be carried out.
To reiterate my talk with St Sergeant Wilson, he mentioned that there may be more responsibility coming my way in regards to my position in the party. He was not specific, but whatever HQ decides concerning myself and how I may be most effectively utilized in the NSM, I will accept whatever reponsibilities I am given and will carry them out with the utmost seriousness and dedication. Any job that benefits the organization, no matter how "small",is just as important as any other. See you on the frontlies Commander. Hail Victory!

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