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Things just got hotter with Windows Live Hotmail!

 Windows Live Hotmail Newsletter - August, 2007

Experience your online future,
Take a look at what is new from Windows Live
Be among the first to try out cool new tools designed to help you get the most out of your online life. New beta versions of Windows Live™ products and services give you a peek at how the next generation of Windows Live is integrated to work even better together, making it easier to do things like sharing photos and communicating with friends and family. Test drive these new beta releases and see how you can get more from the Internet, your PC, or your mobile phone.



The Messenger Cafe - Open for fun
Around here, good times are always on the menu

Messenger Cafe logo

Craving some free fun? Then check out the Messenger Café. It's a cool, new place where hot games — like GoPets and Brain Battle, and cool activities — such as Music Mix and Fun With Winks are served up daily. Sit back, relax, and hang out with friends for as long as you like.



Game On
Relax with a good gameGame Puzzle
Summer's here and the living is easy. So why not chill out by playing some fun, yet stimulating games? Match your wits with a trivia teaser like Crosswire or test your celebrity trivia smarts in the glamorous game of Red Carpet Reveal. Plus, the added bonus — you can win cool prizes and the more you play, the more you can win! What are you waiting for?



Windows Live Hotmail and Microsoft
 Office Outlook
Outlook Connector Update to Windows Live Hotmail and you can manage your Hotmail account in Outlook – for free! With Outlook Connector, you can easily manage your Hotmail messages, folders, and contacts alongside your other e-mail accounts in Outlook 2003 and above.


Transferring your e-mails is a
Copy your e-mail and contacts to Windows Live Hotmail
Copy Icons

Want to have your important e-mail and contacts all in one place? TrueSwitch™ makes transferring your information from your other e-mail accounts to Windows Live Hotmail easy. It will automatically copy your e-mails, folders, and address book, and even notify your contacts of your Hotmail e-mail address if you like. More good news: TrueSwitch can copy from most of the popular Web-based e-mail services. So you have nothing to lose — TrueSwitch will not delete or change any information in your old e-mail account.


you decide
Which is your favorite Windows Live Hotmail video? Here is what you said last month:
this month's poll

One of the most important jobs is being a mom. What makes it easier and more enjoyable?

vote vote vote



Go Mobile
The new MSN® Mobile helps you easily stay connected with the information that's important to you while you're on the go—right on your phone. The home page is a phone-sized version of and provides headlines and links to your Windows Live Hotmail, up-to-the-minute news, sports, finance, entertainment, local movie times, and weather — all on one page. Integrated Live Search helps you find phone numbers, addresses, maps and directions. MSN Mobile is designed for phones, so pages load quickly and navigation is easy with a few clicks. MSN Mobile is free, but of course you will need a Web-compatible phone and a data plan with your carrier. Go to on your phone or PC to learn more.



Your color, your inbox
Personalize your inbox with your favorite color
Windows Live Hotmail
Have you discovered one of Hotmail® users' favorite features? Make your inbox your own with the color of your choice. Now you can customize your theme and enjoy an inbox that fits your personality. Whether you prefer blue, black, red, silver, pink, orange, purple, or green – now you can make your theme suit your mood.


As a Windows Live member you have received this e-mail to inform you of updates, changes to the service, or special news and information vital to the service. Our policy is to send e-mail messages only to announce such information, and we'll continue to honor this policy. These communications are required as a part of this service. If you do not wish to receive these letters you may discontinue your participation in the service and close your account.

Microsoft respects your privacy. To learn more, please read our online Privacy Statement

Microsoft Corporation
One Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA 98052

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