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Letter being sent to Mexican Consulate from NSM


Consulate of Mexico

3552 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68131
Tel: (402) 595-1841-44 * Fax: (402) 595-1845


To Whom It May Concern

The Mexican Government?s involvement in the illegal crossing of immigrants into the United States of America is not only criminal; it shows a lack of ethics in the Government of Mexico. The Mexican Government has failed to provide basic human rights services to the least of their citizens. Many of them feel that they have no other recourse but to flee from the conditions that exist in Mexico.

It can be easy to label the National Socialist Movement as a racist organization targeting poor Hispanics? but before you go any further let?s examine what a Hispanic is. If you were to randomly sample 100 people who claim to be Hispanic you will find that some will be of African descent, some will be of European descent and some will descend from the indigenous natives of Mexico (Aztecs and etc). What the American people perceive as Hispanic is mostly the caste that descends from the Native population of Mexico. While the highest level government officials descend from the Spanish Conquistadors that came from Europe centuries ago.

What many American people fail to realize is that your former President Fox was from the Euro-Spanish caste and your current President Felipe Calderónis also from the Euro-Spanish caste. The Euro-Spanish caste is the most prosperous and educated group of population in Mexico? while the Native-Mexican caste represent the most uneducated and impoverished social economic group not only in Mexico, but the whole world. Your government has failed to provide a basic education, medical care, and opportunities for its poor. It is far easier for the Mexican Government to encourage the Native-Mexican caste to cross the border illegally into America where they can take advantage of the American system.

It is easy to label our tax-paying citizens racist when they stand up and say enough. In America, medical insurance has skyrocketed to absorb the costs of those who have not insurance? many of the uninsured are illegal immigrants from Mexico. Is it fair for our hard working American Citizens to continue to pay for medical care for those who are here illegally and have no intention to pay for services rendered?

It is easy to call our retired citizens racist when they stand up and say enough. Programs that our elderly have paid into during their working years are in jeopardy due to thousands of senior Mexican citizens who have crossed the border illegally to receive services that the Mexican government does not provide. It is not only criminal how little the Mexican Government provides their older senior citizens, it?s shameful. Many seniors American Citizens are struggling to survive on social security, subsidized utilities, and food stamp benefits. These benefits are spread thin enough by our own citizens who have paid for them during their working years. Unfortunately these same benefits are given to elderly Mexican citizens who illegally cross the border? mainly because those benefits do not exist for them in Mexico. Can you explain why the Mexican government finds it more convenient to encourage their elderly to migrate to America instead of developing effective senior programs to take care of elderly Mexicans?

It is easy to call our young working mothers racist if they were to stand up and protest the expense of having a child in America. These young working citizen-mothers pay into the system for health care insurance. When their babies are delivered, our young working mothers must pay, often 20% of the total bill, for the delivery of their infants. Yet thousands of young Mexican women cross the border illegally to have their infants delivered for free in hospitals. Who pays for this expense? The delivery fees have increased over the past five years and our American Citizens do. Why isn?t the Mexican government doing more to provide safe, clean hospitals and effective health care programs to take care of safely delivering your future generation?

It is easy to call our school children racist when they complain about the lack books, computers and other educational resources. California once was a state that had an exemplary educational system. Their students scored high on the national standardized tests? however the injection of the children from illegal immigrants has slowed the educational system. Our tax payers must now pay for books printed in both English and Spanish so that the children can be effectively educated. We must pay to teach not only the immigrant children English, we must teach our children Spanish as well. Many of your Mexican Citizens illegally immigrate for the sole purpose of their children receiving a quality education in America. Why isn?t the Mexican government providing an effective school system for all Mexican citizens?

The reason is clear? because the citizens that are crossing the border are the indigenous native-Aztec caste. A caste that is considered undesirable by the descendants of the Euro-Spanish conquistadors who conquered Mexico years ago and still retain power today. Your former President Fox is as Caucasian and your current President Felipe Calderón are the true racists? not the proud American members of the National Socialist Movement. Your highest government officials have no desire to help the lower class Aztec-Native citizens and have gone so far as to publish a booklet with comic book style illustrations instructing the Aztec-Native citizens how to safely cross the border.

A Government sanctioned booklet explains in great detail how to safely cross the border, what clothing to bring, what food to pack, and etc. It also explains in great detail how to cross the border safely. Your booklet also instructs those who "Migrate" to America what to do if they are detained by the border patrol, or later arrested as an "illegal alien". Your booklet lists phone numbers for every Mexican consulate office in America and instructs them to call them if detained. What responsible government would publish a guide how to "Migrate" from their sovereign land if they truly valued their native born citizens?

The NSM will not deny that we have a desire to see racial reform in our social programs. As nationalists we are proud that our Nation has social programs designed to care for our citizens in need. Setting race aside, our social programs are designed for our national citizens not for those who illegally come to America. Our national citizens pay for these programs with their tax money in hopes that if a time of need came, those programs would be there for them.

On September 1st, 2007 the National Socialist Movement will assemble at the Mexican Consulate office in Omaha Nebraska. This is a historic time when the NSM will stand up for ALL American citizens and say enough.

While the immigrants who are crossing our borders are here illegally, it?s time to expose the real criminals. President Felipe Calderón, former President Fox and the corrupt Mexican Government who refuse to deal with the problems within their own borders. A Mexican Government that dumps their social problems on America?s doorstep instead of dealing with them. A government who should immediately issue an order to recall all citizens who have migrated illegally to the United States. A government who should pay for all medical services rendered to their citizens while illegally residing in the United States.

The real criminals are?

President Felipe Calderón



Former President Vicente Fox


The NSM would also like the Mexican Consulate to address the following article published in the Hispanic Business magazine and website. Please explain why your Mexican governors are unwilling to step up to the challenge of developing jobs for their own citizens? Does governor Amalia Garcia Medina realize that her citizens, who are working illegally, may be remitting money to Mexico, but are not paying taxes on their income which in turn pay for social programs that her citizens are actively using while in America? Would Amalia Garcia Medina dare to address this issue to the American people? Would she be willing to address us in Omaha?






Mexican Governors Meet With Emigrants in U.S.


August 20, 2007

Ivan Mejia -- EFE

Mexican governors are traveling to different cities in the United States to learn first-hand the experiences of their compatriots north of the border and seek mechanisms to help protect them and aid in their development.

Three members of the Commission on Migrant Affairs of the National Conference of Mexican Governors, or Conago, began here Thursday a tour that will also take them to Chicago, New York and Dallas.

During their visit, the politicians will meet with community leaders and Mexican consuls to exchange ideas and explore ways to increase the wellbeing of their countrymen living in El Norte.

"We want to express Conago's concern over the lack of advances toward a comprehensive and inclusive immigration-reform policy that avoids persecutory actions," Guanajuato Gov. Juan Manuel Oliva Ramirez told a press conference.

Despite support from most Democrats and the Bush administration, a bill that would have put many of the millions of illegal immigrants on a path toward citizenship while also bolstering border security was checkmated earlier this summer in the U.S. Senate.

Proponents of the legislation were unable to sway Republican lawmakers who contended that the proposal amounted to another "amnesty" for undocumented immigrants, would encourage more illegal migration and not do enough to secure the frontier.

Speaking on behalf of all the visiting Mexican governors, Oliva Ramirez said he proposes that the United States adopt "a reciprocally beneficial policy based on respect."

Amalia Garcia Medina, the governor of Zacatecas, said that roughly half of all those with roots in her state are now living in the United States.

"For me it's essential to strengthen that link with Mexicans who generate wealth for the United States and who also contribute so much to their own country," referring to the remittances sent home by emigrants.

Ruben Beltran, Mexico's consul general in Los Angeles, told Efe that there are about 24 million people of Mexican descent in the United States.

"We estimate there are around 12 million people born in Mexico who live in the United States and probably half of them, some 6 million, are undocumented," Beltran said.

According to figures from Mexico's central bank, Mexican emigrants in 2006 sent home $23.05 billion in remittances, up 15.1 percent from the previous year.

But according to that institution, remittances in the second quarter of 2007 were down 1.6 percent relative to the same period last year. The reasons for that decrease are the difficulty Mexicans have had finding work and the uncertainty regarding their immigration status.

"The problem here (with the immigrant workers) is not how the United States is going to get rid of a problem, but rather how all of us, with a bi-national vision, can generate synergies that allow us to move forward," said Colima Gov. Jesus Silverio Cavazos.

Silverio Cavazos said that with the help of the United States, Mexico could create more jobs and the annual emigration of some 500,000 Mexicans would be reduced.

"The different states are making efforts to generate the conditions to create jobs," Guanajuato's Oliva Ramirez said, adding that 45,000 jobs must be created annually in his state alone to keep people from emigrating. EFE

Copyright (C) 2007. Agencia EFE S.A.



It is the NSM?s hope that President President Felipe Calderón will issue an official response to this letter.

On behalf of the Citizens of the United States of America,

Commander Jeff Schoep/ National Socialist Movement

NSM/ HQ P.o. box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458 U.S.A.


Phone #651-659-6307




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