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Help needed: NSM Volunteer Positions/jobs


The Party is growing by leaps and bounds, and new blood is constantly enlisting, so that brings me to ask the membership for some talented people who want to step up in a big way to help "YOUR PARTY" the NSM.

I was thinking about a couple of jobs that could use some volunteers.

NSM Radio: M. Sgt. Johnson could use a couple more Radio show producers. Right now we have Nazi America and Australia Calling doing active shows. I believe we should have at least 4 different shows/hosts on the NSM Radio Network at If anyone in the Party has an interest in Broadcasting their own show on NSM Radio, now would be the time to step up and make yourself heard. No crunch deadlines, no one has to be perfect, just looking for a couple or a few more voices for the Radio.

NSM Music Video's: I was recently watching the music video for Burn the Books by Achtung Juden, and Fortress: I Hate Commie Scum, and it got me thinking. We should have someone, or a couple people working on music video's, especially for the bands on our own Label "NSM Records"   Anyone who makes a decent music video for one of our bands will get their cd for free, or another NSM Records release if you already own the cd from the band. Eventually we would like to release an hour or hour and 1/2 long DVD full of music video's. The music is a powerfull tool, and the jews at mtv should not have a lock on music video's. While they promote Racial treason, we should be cranking out WP music video's.

NSM webteam: I believe there may be room for one more webmaster, the major positions are covered, but a new person may be considered for tasks like building State websites, or other tasks via the NSM88Network Internet/Web Division. Graphic design skills, creativity, and motivation are always a plus here.

JT Bowles for President: Contact the Campaign HQ at  For the first time ever on U.S. Soil we have the opportunity to vote for a National Socialist for President. The Campaign needs volunteers for footwork, and financial support. Find out what you can do, and send Campaign donations to Campaign HQ in South Carolina.

NSM Video Project: This is a new spin on an old idea. We once had a video called Faces of the NSM in the late 1990's. This video was a compilation of all sorts of NSM activities, from clips of us on the news, to rally videos, to speeches, literature runs, how to demo's, etc. Now we have so much more material, and higher quality material to work with. A skilled video editor could take on this project. This new project DVD could replace the free dvd from 2006 that all new members get in their membership packages.

Hail Victory! Commander Schoep/


Now you can see trouble?before he arrives
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