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NSM Nevada Torches Mexican Flag + NSM Gallery Back-online

NSM Nevada Torches Mexican Flag in front of Mexican strip Mall:

NSM Nevada shows the way

NSM Nevada sends a Message to Criminal Illegal Aliens - "Get Out"

True American patriots are sick of our public resources that we paid for with our taxes being used for ILLEGAL Aliens! It's time that the government enforces the laws of the land and deports all illegal aliens and those that aid or hire the illegal aliens are arrested, charged and jailed on treason charges!

Mexicans have been burning "Old Glory" for years with impunity. Now NSM Nevada give the Mexicans a dose of their own medicine.

More Pictures of the NSM Nevada anti-Mexican protest! 

The NSM Photo Gallery is back on-line with 350 pictures & more: 

In the Gallery see pictures from the 2006 Rallys in Madison, WI, and Austin, TX, along with the Minnesota Book burning of 2007, and the Nevada Mexican flag burning. There is also free video footage from the NSM's jewish book burning in the gallery.

About 1,000 or more pictures also available here:

Achtung Juden Music Video:

Get Ready for Omaha Sept. 1st, 2007, Rally at the Mexican Consulate, BE THERE!!!

National Socialist Movement/ HQ P.o. box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458

Phone Hotline #651-659-6307


Now you can see trouble?before he arrives
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