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NSM Summer Magazine 2007 is out now!


The Official NSM Magazine (Summer 2007 Edition) is out now. We just shipped them to all current/active U.S. members, and will ship to the Oversea's membership over the next week or 2.

Active NSM members get the Magazine for free, all others may subscribe to the quarterly publication for $20. per year (or 4 issues) in the U.S., or $30. for Oversea's.

The current issue is 24 pages and covers NSM Highlights such as the March through downtown Columbia, SC., NSM Nationals, NSM Texas Rally, NSM marches through the Reds in MO., The great Minnesota Book Burning (the first jewish bookburning in the U.S.), why we burn the Talmud, murder in Knoxville, Chicago illegals, NSM helps Tornado victims, hate crime legislation, a flyer for distribution, great pictures, and much more.

All U.S. Members and subscribers also recieve a full color leaflet with the magazine, advertising the upcoming rally in Omaha. It looks good in black and white too, so make copies and get them out there, and more importantly, BE THERE!


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