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A Brief History of the Aryan Race

A Brief History of the Aryan Race
Or, the philosophy of the Wolf part 7
By Hardy Lloyd
(written on 15th of May, 90fe)
Long, long, way long fucking time ago, we Aryans were born on the planet Thule. Thule, an icy planet 800 light years away in the constellation of Orion (or Thor as some of us call it), lies the planet of our birth...
Now, long time later, but still long ago, we traveled through space to the planet Mars and colonized it for our race. On Mars we built many pyramids and a large face...
Then we landed on Earth, also known as HELL! We built the three great pyramids and the lion in Egypt to point our way back home... Oh, and by the way, the original Sphinx had a lions head!!
We also built pyramids in Mexico and the Balkans and Indochina...
Then around 14,000 to 12,000 years before Benito Mussolini, a renegade Aryan scientist created the mud races, and we fell from our godhood... And we devolved into the white race...
So now we are here, and the WOLF age is upon us, and glory is for those who heed the call of the WOLF philosophy. Kill all white people and let us cull the weak from the herd as we once again reclaim our destiny!

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