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Rules for the Terrorist Wolf

Rules for the Terrorist Wolf
OR: The philosophy of the Wolf part 6
By Hardy Lloyd
(written on 15th of May, 90fe)
Lone Wolf it! - Be a Lone Wolf!! Do not brag, do not network, do not try to recruit... Just plan and act, alone! If ya seek a mate, make sure to get her to fall 1000% in love with you FIRST!! Then bring her in to killing people slowly... When ya got your Wolf family unit up and running you should have a little nest of nasty mother fuckers!
Killing Cops - Any mid to high caliber rifle/assault rifle round will penetrate body armor! Body armor is designed to deflect shrapnel and handgun rounds only! AK 7.62mm, 308's and the like are best... And don't forget 12 Gauge slug rounds! When ya hit a cop or US soldier in the chest he should be stunned enough so you can run up and put one in his head!! Remember my old saying: Two in the head and ya know they're dead! Or one in the left eye. ;)
Bombs - If ya can't get a hold of a factory bomb, or make your own big one, pipe bombs and Molotov Cocktails work great for the Lone Wolf Freedom Fighter and Terrorist! You are Aryan, use your mind!!
Fliers - Paste up Freedom Fighter type placards. The kind a German SS soldier or an Iraqi Muslim would do to scare invaders! Don't make any for recruiting, only post ones that call for violence and for the occupiers (those who ain't Wolves) to leave now!
Targets - Use terror and strike at anyone and anything!! The point of terrorism is to make the lives of the sheep so shitty that they have no choice but to leave the area! We ain't trying to rack up points for a sports team, nor are we doing this to save white people, we are doing this to terrorize the enemy into giving up and leaving our lands!! Force our enemies to raise taxes, to institute marshal law, to crack down on the populace.... When the system hurts the people that's when we can manipulate the people!
Suicide Bombing - Car-bombs are good. If you’re going to rent the truck use cash. And please have a backup switch incase you do get killed before you can push the button. Like an automatic detonator that will go off when the pressure of the driver’s foot is lax for more that 5 seconds, and so on... Also, people-bombs are a great tactic! Just walk into a crowded area and blow yourself up! Like, for an example, a police station. Or, you could fly a plane loaded with TNT into a building. Use your imagination!
Disguises: - The bum look is good. Also, I've got a lot done dressing up as an Orthodox Jew! Use makeup kits and perfect your acting skills... Own the clothing of locals, and act like those you live around. If you’re the open type, then act reasonably "normal".
Traitors: - And as a final note, all traitors must be executed immediately and with such horrific means as to dissuade others from betraying their Comrades!!

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