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Pennsylvania bastion; weird happening

I thank all who have ordered for $75 the excellent six-DVD set of "No More Wars for Israel" from me at 213 Ekastown Road, Sarver PA 16055!

I mailed out a slew yesterday at a local post office. You truly get your money's worth seeing how we defeated the freedom-hating, conference-sabotaging JEW and held first-rate speeches.

I was very touched at this conference by 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani's presentation. By the way, her lawyer -- in suing the federal government to get the facts about the murder of her husband and 3,000 others on 9/11/01 -- was Philip Berg, whose lawsuit demanding that the Obamanation produce his birth certificate will go before the U.S. Supreme Court on December first! (Mariani does NOT trust him.....)

Someone needs to "hold Obama's feet to the fire" on this. And I have a plan to do that.

Just about every White in Pennsylvania is part-German, and this is reflected even in the snacks here, from our local supermarket where blond kids stock shelves:

There are so many "Snyders" here (from the German name Schneider, meaning "tailor") that they have to state which town they are from! Some are from Berlin and others from Hanover! Mind you, these are place names in Pennsylvania!

This area is also FULL of Ron Paul supporters. (Paul is from this Western Pennsylvania area; his grandfather was a German immigrant.) I got a call to attend an "End-the-Fed" last Saturday (11/22/08) in downtown Pittsburgh in front of the Federal Reserve branch here. I saw some 25 RP folks (including MANY young people and cute young ladies; interesting how RP in his seventies attracts and enthuses them).

A black cop told us not to use a bullhorn, but our voices echoes loudly enough on this main thoroughfare among the cavernous federal buildings -- and MANY honked approval as they drove by us.

Myself talking with several RP people; all there, by opposing the Fed, seem to also know about the Rothschild connection and thus about the Jewish issue. This meetup group was almost 100% white, and braved blasting winds and cold for over three hours to blast the Fed parasite back. See MY proposal ( to emerge from this economic crisis HERE (click to maximize).. Or listen to my audio message on the homepage: "THREE SOLUTIONS FOR THE ECONOMIC CRASH."


My fiancée Margaret Huffstickler, shown here singing at David Duke's EURO conference..... (next to Dr. Duke and James Edwards)

......posted the comment and info below about the worldwide Somali plague of illegal immigrants and rapists. (And these Muslim Africans are working now in every airport in the world, from Minneapolis -- I saw them in December '07 on the way to giving a speech in Arizona -- over to Reykjavik, Iceland! Henrik saw them in Iceland too on his way to America!)

And indeed, as the Stephen Foster song that Margi performed so poignantly protests (at the times 0:400 to 08:15, after Dr. Duke's introduction) :

"WHY should the beautiful ever weep!?
WHY should the beautiful die!?"

Always these psychopathic Somalians! Whether it's pirates from Somalia seizing oil tankers or ravaging the entire white world, from Finland to Maine to Minnesota in the USA to Liverpool, England to Perth, Australia with their horrible, sadistic GANG RAPES of white women!

It is for protesting Somali gang rapes in his city (in northern Scandinavia!) that Henrik Holappa is facing 4.5 YEARS IN PRISON.

Henrik with son-dog Spike (white) and mother dog Carmen (black). Too bad that black HUMANS cannot have white offspring!

=============Margi wrote:

I wonder what proportion of the Somalian immigrants in, say, Finland, who are welcomed with monthly stipends [2,000 euros per family--JdN] far higher than unemployed native Finns receive [a maximum of 400 euros, says Henrik Holappa], and who spend their time gang-raping Finnish women and girls, are there fraudulently to begin with under a similar program. All countries that have family reunification programs for immigrants should do DNA checks on Somalis, Ethiopians and Liberians, it seems.
------------ --------- -----

Refugee program stayed
after feds confirm fraud

Shelbyville Times-Gazette
Shelbyville , Tennessee
Sunday, November 16, 2008
By Brian Mosely

A fact sheet released this week from the U.S. State Department reported widespread fraud in the refugee program that has brought tens of thousands of people from Somalia and other African nations to the United States .

The reported fraud spurred the State Department to suspend a humanitarian program in August which was supposed to reunite African "anchor" refugees already in the states with their family members who are still overseas.

DNA testing conducted earlier this year by the government to verify blood ties between anchor refugees and their supposed family members revealed that fewer than 20 percent of those checked could confirm their biological relationships, the fact sheet stated.

The suspension impacts the Priority Three (P-3) Program of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program, which grants access to those claiming to be "a parent, spouse, or minor child by certain legal residents in the United States ."
[. . .]
"In recent years, applications to the P-3 program have been overwhelmingly African -- primarily Somalis, Ethiopians and Liberians -- accounting for some 95 percent of the P-3 applications, " the fact sheet from the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration stated.

Fraud uncovered

The DNA tests were conducted after both the Departments of State and Homeland Security jointly decided to test a sample of refugee cases due to reported fraud in the P-3 program, particularly in Kenya , the fact sheet explained.

The rate of fraud varied among nationalities and from country to country, "and is difficult to establish definitively as many individuals refused to submit DNA samples," the State Department said.

Samples of some 500 refugees, who were under consideration for U.S. resettlement through the P-3 program, were initially tested in Nairobi , Kenya .

But after the sample "suggested high rates of fraud," testing was expanded to Ethiopia , Uganda , Ghana , Guinea , Gambia and Cote d'Ivoire , the State Department said.

"Most of the approximately 3,000 refugees tested are from Somalia , Ethiopia and Liberia ," the fact sheet said

More at
http://www.t- 1478471.html


I had a bizarre experience. Now I do believe in angels, as do very many other Americans. And I believe in them for two good reasons, dating back to 1989 and 1990 (although that is another story), and now I think something weird just happened again.

I was at a local post office to mail out some more of the "No More War for Israel" DVDs and to inquire about a US postal money order -- sent to a comrade in England and yet no bank in England would cash it! (I had sent it to a South Africa comrade stuck there in dire straits. He has no bank account. He really needs help!! He's been eating one potato a day for a week! As a white man he cannot go on the dole, after all, only Jamaicans. And the US government refused him even a tourist visa to visit the U.S.: on "suspicion of intent to immigrate"!)

His name is Mark Singleton, known as "Marwinsing" -- illegally "legally" stranded and broke in Europe, thanks to Michael Chertoff, and actually starving, living on one potato a day, and here is his amusing, touching and unique website:

Mark Singleton, former soldier for the white race in Angola, former police officer, whose aged parents have even been harassed with a bank-robbery accusation by the now black-ruled police force!!! -- because Mark dares to speak out. (Look at Deirdre Fields' powerful webpage on my site about South Africa.) Help me help Mark, who has done superb work for me from his trailer via Internet connection. He had a PR business for 12 years and has vast website skills, but the Jew Chertoff will not let this suffering, starving, courage-filled, talented white man into America.

Anyway, I talked with a helpful lady postal clerk who was baffled by why the Brits would refuse to even deposit his US postal money order and she referred me to her manager with this conundrum.

So I moved down the counter and spoke with this gentleman, who was rather helpful and sympathetic verbally, although he could not make the limey government cash the USPS money order. (Maybe they think it might bounce, like our whole economy is doing!)

BTW, I finally wired this comrade some money by Western Union, although he lives far away from any WU office. It is an outrageous tragedy that has befallen this valiant comrade, who fought in Angola against the communist black armies there and was a police officer who protected whites and blacks from the savagery that now reigns supreme. (He is also a gifted website designer and PR man, and a good-looking chap to boot, ladies.) Now, thanks to bad luck and the U.S. government, he is in absolute limbo and destitute. "No Whites Wanted even as tourists!" -- sez Michael Chertoff. "They could immigrate here!" That is one reason I ask you to buy this excellent NMWFI set, to help me help comrades who are fantastic and deserve our help. (If you want to Western-Union him some money, send me a PM! It will only cost you the sum plus $15.00 all the way to England.)

In any case, the post office was now closing and I had to wrap up the conversation. At that moment the lady postal clerk interrupted her manager....and swivel her computer monitor toward me and to exclaim: "You should play these [lottery] numbers!"

It was these:

See the numbers below the word "BIG4."

Of course the numbers did not win, but I never before had a perfect stranger urge me to bet on any number, nor to interrupt her direct superior, her BOSS, to do so!

Henrik Holappa and I were joking about this afterward, since his initials are "HH."

Anyway, I'm sure it meant nothing.....

I thank all who have ordered for $75 the excellent six-DVD set of "No More Wars for Israel" from me at 213 Ekastown Road, Sarver PA 16055!

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