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Re: Lying Jeff Schoep

To all NSM Comrades

these emails are a joke, what a waste of time to send such idiotic B/S for our members to read and its leadership.

I myself will not fall for such lies, Nonmembers will think this B/S is true, and not want to join, We must help them see the light and not the Darkness of this type of Anti NSM emails that the enemy have sent out for weeks.

It makes me laugh, when I read what the Bill the Unwhite and his ManSlave VonBluvens says, maybe we should send them daipers and a bottle.

Our enemies are a big joke, and if this is the best they can do, by attacking our Party and leadership by childish keyboard banging. They make our cause more just by exposing them for the idiots they really are. (The Three Stooges - Bill the Unwhite, Cliff the child molestor Herrington,Vonbluvens the manslave)

ST.1st Class Floyd

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