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NSM Solidarity: The Party thanks the membership

As some of you know, the Party Leadership recently expelled a couple of members, and a couple of others left with them, or dropped from active to support members. A couple of these former members were let go because they were more interested in drama, than working for the collective whole of the Party. Since their departure, a couple of them have actually increased the poor behavior that led to their dismissal, and 2 of them went on an internet radio show of a rogue group who's so called Leader once attempted to sue the NSM for $10,000, aside from that one of the former members actually stooped so low and said he was in talks with the jewish ADL, I have that e-mail saved. Rather than making attempts to vindicate their troubling behavior, they have increased their penchant for drama, and are acting like spoiled children. It was the right thing to do to let them go, with such actions they have proved their lack of worth to the Party. The same anti-racists that screamed that the NSM was falling apart in 2006, are starting to squeal like pigs again (as we laugh at them, just like in 2006). The anti-racists and jews have been praying for the death of the NSM for a long time now, and instead of dying we just keep on getting bigger, meaner, and the membership gets more dedicated. For that fact, I address the membership today.
In the past couple of days I have had more e-mails and phone calls than I can recall in a long time. Party Leaders dedicating their Loyalty, upholding their Oaths, and bound by Honor to the struggle for National Socialism here in America and abroad. Your Party thanks you, you are true and Honorable members, and we Salute each and every one of you. The seriousness and dedication of the core members of this Party always amazes me, you men and women are second to none, and it is an Honor to be fighting alongside of you in the trenches. Hail Victory!

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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