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RE: Omaha rally



We ask the membership to remind us when the probate period is passed, and then we grant full member or extend the probation. Angela is being granted full membership. Let the Forum mods know that she is off her probation and they can clarify that with me if they like, or cut and paste part of this e-mail as proof for them. The Party is pleased to have you both working hard in the ranks. If you wish, don't even tell her you contacted me on this issue, just say HQ contacted you and lifted the probation due to her hard work, and we wish her the best with your new baby, and as a Mother in the Party.


I am pleased to hear of your dedication and loyalty to our Party, and that it has helped you gain focus and purpose in life. The Party also does that in many ways for me too, along with my Family & children.


See you on the frontlines in Omaha. 88! Commander Schoep

From: William Herring <>
To: <>
Subject: Omaha rally
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 20:46:58 -0400

Pvt. Waldon and myself will be heading down a day early to help set up the swastikas and assist Drew and Amy with preparations for the after-party. I have not heard from the individual you mentioned who lives in Minnesota. We may possibly be bringing along a prospective member, but that is not for certain.
I am also writing to inquire about the status of Pvt. Waldon. She is not here right now, and does not want me to ask, but aside from her being my girlfriend, she is also an NSM member. Her status is still probate even though she has been  a member since November. I know that this is because of the confrontation she had with Cpl. Ashworth of the Dallas unit. I have only heard her side of it, but personal feelings aside, I am inclined to believe her.Of course, we are all human and must accept the fact that we will not all get along. I was not there, and know only what she has told me, but I have lived with her since February and she has proven herself to me to be a sincere and dedicated National Socialist. I also want to address the rumor that one of her little girls is of mixed blood. I have seen this child for myself and pictures of the father. Whatever personal differences Angela may have had with a member of her old unit, she is no race traitor. She is hard to live with at times, lol, but still a good woman. As I said, she did not want me to broach this subject with you as it was very depressing for her, so I am doing this behind her back because I love her and she has been an invaluable asset to me these last 6 months. At 8 months pregnant and big as a house she works 45 hours a week and goes with me on flyer runs at night. As the "unit leader" for North Dakota I must look out for my members and make sure that they are in good standing with the NSM. As Angela's boyfriend, I must also look out for her and make sure she is in good standing. Kind of a mixed bag if you know what I mean. I only want to do what is right for the NSM here and ensure that the members of my unit are considered acceptable by HQ, because there are only two things in my life that mean a damn thing: my daughter and the National Socialist Movement. Everything else is secondary and unimportant.
On a more personal note, Sir, I wanted to tell you that joining this organization was one of the best decisions of my life. I have never felt more complete and whole than when we were in Columbia. The NSM is my opportunity to redeem my otherwise wasted life, and I want to thank the NSM for that. Yourself, Col. Bishop, and others are the best people I have ever met and it is a priveledge to serve this organization. Regardless of your decision on Pvt Waldon, I willl remain an NSM member until the day I go home to Valhalla. I have come to love this organization, and you have my complete loyalty. See you on the Frontlines Sir! And by the way, as it is August 25th,  SIEG HEIIL TO COMMANDER ROCKWELL!!!!!

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