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RE: Omaha rally

St. 1st Class Herring,


Ok, thanks for the heads up on the carpool. I did not realize it was 250 miles out of teh way, I figured Minneapolis was on the way. Anyway, right now I should have a minivan full of local troops so it works out. Glad to hear Pvt. Waldon is going too. Don't you have another man that was suppossed to attend with you from there also, or not?


Recruitment is not always easy, especially in the early stages of unit development, and also location can be a factor. Your chapter is very small right now, its hard to recruit with only one or 2 members and supporters with you, once that # increases to around 5 or 6 solid troops then watch how fast the new troops sign on. Location is a factor, you are in White North Dakota, Phoenix is a big City in a State Overrun by spics. Furthermore the PHX unit Leader is a veteran Leader who once led one of the largest National Alliance chapters back when Dr. Pierce was alive and the Alliance was going strong. They tell me he had 50 men under him at one time in AZ, and the new NSM unit there is growing very fast too. Recruitment is always easier in frontline battle areas, big Cities like Minneapolis are fertile, but out where I live it is not. Sure people here like the NSM, but its not bad enough for them to get serious and actually join up.


To sum it up, don't get frustrated and never quit/give up, thats my advice. Our struggle is like a Boxing match, if you go into the match thinking you might lose, or with doubt in your mind, you are finished and will lose the match. A positive outlook on the fight will give you excitement and that positive energy can brush off on potential recruits who will want to be a part of your Victory. 88 Commander Schoep






From: William Herring <>
To: <>
Subject: Omaha rally
Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 15:31:46 -0400

Sir- We have decided to drive to Omaha from Fargo, so I will not be carpooling with the Minneapolis unit. I had planned on this, but Pvt. Waldon has decided to go, so it would not make much sense to drive to Minneapolis, 250 miles out of the way.
I am e-mailing you tell you that if anyone in this area who is planning on going that I am not aware of, and has contacted HQ concerning the rally, please forward my contact info. Also, Drew Bostwick is a personal friend of mine and I spent about 4 days with him and his family in Iowa in April. I know precisely where his farm is located and anyone who is headed that way and does not know where the campground is can contact me, I know that HQ has already made provisions for this and is working to make sure everyone knows where to go, but I thought that every contingency should be covered, and I want to assist the smooth running of this event in any way that I can.
Unit matters- Although I had much success in educating some prospective members on our goals and have given out all 4 applications you sent me, I have had no response from these individuals, and it is a little discouraging. I know that I am coming accross as a professional and as sincerely as I can. (I am very persuave and well-versed in debate) I see that the new Phoenix unit is making a lot of progress, while this unit is sitting dead in the water. Do you have any suggestions concerning recruitment? I want to be able to contribute to the NSM in some way besides handing out flyers, and I am a little frustrated that I have had no success as of yet in gaining any new members.
See you in Omaha!
                                                                    ST 1st Class William C. Herring

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