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Rally Flyer Omaha: Mass Distribute!


The Rally in Omaha on September 1st will be the first time we are targetting a Mexican Consulate building for a Protest. We are organizing the masses of our Countrymen and women, to send a message that will be heard from Nebraska all the way to Mexico! Be part of this Historical Event, and in the meantime pass out this Official flyer for this Campaign from

Here is the link to the Flyer:   Print in color or black and white. Mass distribute these to the Public so other Americans can mobilize and attend in support of this America First effort.

Hail Victory! Commander Jeff Schoep/ NSM HQ

National Socialist Movement P.o. box 580669 Minneapolis, MN. 55458 U.S.A.

Phone Hotline Message # 651-659-6307

More Details at: 



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