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Re: LOGOS Pantheism

Title: Re: LOGOS Pantheism
Dear Mr. Herring:

Thank you for you reply to my e-mail.  The link to my website failed in its transmission to you.  The website for LOGOS Pantheism is: <>  Hopefully you will find the information you are looking for there.  If you agree with it, a link is supplied at the website to a Yahoo forum for discussion.

Essentially, I believe Whites must build religious congregations for the purpose later of building a new White nation, since the the White masses per se are now lost.  To do that we must be able to approach the mainstream masses for the purpose of extracting those few individuals who agree with that purpose.  The website is a means of presenting a religion to thinking individuals that can no longer believe in the myth and magic of traditional religions.

I got your address from one of the National Socialist sites, but I can’t remember which .  My racial beliefs are certainly comparable to yours, although there may be some difference in opinion over religious belief.  Yes, I am certainly pushing LOGOS Pantheism as the answer to White difficulties.  It is an amalgam of Dr. Pierce’s Cosmotheism with some thoughts of my own.

Wayne Macleod

On 7/12/07 10:25 AM, "William Herring" <> wrote:

Tell me more of this. I am an Odinist and happy with my spiritual state, but you certainly make some strong claims. How did you get this e-mail address? If you were unaware, I am a Nazi and a member of the National Socialist Movement. Are your beliefs compatable with ours? We in the organization believe strongly in freedom of choice and religion. You seem to be pushing this particular faith as the "way". Please tell me more. I love to learn and form my own opinions. Heil Hitler!

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