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RE: Your email

I find it amusing in a way, for I have looked at your site, and it seems that, 9 times out of 10, when someone gets arrested at one of your rallies, its a protestor.
I will say this. I am not racist (though I am nationalist in the sense that we should take care of america first and other countries second) But I will state that you are correct that Racial equality is a hypocracy, but perhaps in a different way.

What many people dont realize, is that when they say racial equality, they dont realize that they are actually meaning economic, religious, and political equality. They only think that it means they have to treat them as if calling them racist names is "politically wrong" when it isnt, since it isnt the governments decision to say what is politically right or wrong to say (otherwise, they would have been forced to get rid of the NSM)
Racial equality when it comes to how we treat and think of them, that cannot be accomplished so long as humans live on this earth. Thats the hypocracy. People think racial equality means treating minorities to the highest standard. It doesnt. It just means giving them the same oppurtunities that any regular person gets. You dont have to treat them as if voicing your opinion will get you in trouble.
Interestingly, I also find it funny how convinced of their opinion anti-white groups are. They show the same conviction as white supremecist groups. Goes to show that, in a way, neither side of the spectrum is right, nor is it wrong. It is merely how you view things in life.
Hope this doesnt confuse you too much. I can tend to get longwinded in such things.

Subject: Your email
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 09:28:01 -0500

Thanks for your email. The state that we find our country in is no surprise, considering the administration of the last 8 years. We in the NSM are doing all that we can to ensure that future generations will not have this same mess to clean up.

As for the statement you saw in that magazine, it is simply more liberal claptrap and another evidence that the general public are clueless cattle who live by a huge double standard. The hypocracy is actually quite amusing. Feel free to check out our main website and see if perhaps the NSM is an organization you would consider supporting.


                                                                                       NSM Staff Corps

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