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Smashing through Newsmedia lies and bias

An Open Letter to American Patriots & our friends around the World
The National Socialist Movement has been a popular subject in the mainstream newsmedia lately. Some of which is the subject of our Politcal actions, and activism on behalf of White people in America and around the World, and some of which has been due to some negative developments that have nothing to do with the National Socialist Movement.
The purpose of this letter is to address the people who may be coming to our websites for the first time, and/or those seeking knowledge about our struggle for White Rights here in America.
The NSM first and foremost is a White Civil Rights Organization. All the other Race's have their own advocate groups for their own people, we are the representatives for White people. The NSM is also strongly Nationalistic, we believe in America First, and are strongly against sending our Servicemen and women to fight in endless wars in Nations we don't belong in. We are neither Right or Left wing zealots, we take the best policies of the left and right and combine them under the far superior system of National Socialism. We believe in preservation of our enviornment, not reckless waste and depletion of our natural resources. We believe that the current democracy that rules over our Nation is a farce, and an insult to the Constitutional Republic set forth by our Founding Fathers. We believe that the Government should answer to the people, not step on our rights through criminal (Unconstitutional) acts such as the Patriot act, designed to spy on American Citizens and erode away our rights. Those are just a few of our stances, that we believe YOU, fellow Americans will find yourself agreeing with, because it is common sense and the truth.
Now that we have explained what we believe in, and who we are, lets address the purpose of this article and what some of our detractors in the Mass Media say about us, and why we must smash through their bias and lies. The Mass media is owned and operated almost entirely by left wing jewish extremists. The same people that promote non-stop inter-racial dating shows on MTV, glorify crime, and tell us what a great job the Politicians are doing when our Government bails out the richest men in America on Wall Street with YOUR tax dollars. Instead of looking out for the people of the Nation, the Politicians line the pockets of the rich that get them elected, and fleece the working class people reducing them to paupers. More Blue Collar and Middle Class people are losing their homes due to the Recession and Banks not seeing people or Families, and simply throwing them out on the streets in record numbers, yet the Politicians and the Media tell us everything is fine.
The same biased media has been running stories on a few angry individuals that have lashed out at the Government, and have made veiled inuendos that these angry White people are somehow affiliated with us, which is not true. The NSM is 100% legal, and we do not condone violence, or illegal actions. The NSM understands the anger that is fueling many young White people today, but we encourage legal political action. Just as Sodom, Gommorrah, ancient Babylon, and ancient Rome were destroyed by decadence and corruption, we are now witnessing the same fate befalling our Nation. The biased media and corrupt Politicians want to shut down the NSM, but they have not had any success in doing so, therefore they attempt to belittle our humble efforts by labeling it as hate, or White Supremacy, or terrorism, or whatever buzz word of the day they have, in their shrewd attempts to discredit us.
As the corrupt scapegoat us, it is their own evil doings that will come out in the wash as our Nation buckles and collapses from within due to their corruption. We are the messengers, as if it were 1776 again and we are ringing the Liberty Bell. This time it is not a British Occupation of our Nation, but a rabid cabal of International Zionists, the same clique that Henry Ford (founder of Ford Motor Company) warned us about in his famous book "The International Jew".
The Media can say what they want about us, we have our own media, our own sites, dvds, radio shows, etc. Therefore we smash through the media lies with the most powerfull weapon we have available, the truth, liberty, and the spirit of the founding Fathers of our great Nation firmly on our side.
If you are reading this message today, you have already taken a step outside the usual biased channels, and we trust that you will be surprised to see what the Media and Politicians call HATE, HATE, HATE, is actually a strong dedicated group of American Patriots, not much different from the Heroic Americans that won the freedoms we stand in defense of today. Don't let the Occupational regime erode our Freedoms any longer, join us today, as we fight for those freedoms! See you on the frontlines...
Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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