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RE: Excellent questions


I'd like to thank you for your response. What exactly is the ideology that the Jews follow and why are Hitler and his deeds often shown in such a negative light? I'm not sure I understand entirely why the Holocaust was even fabricated in the first place. I appreciate your time and for satiating my curiosity on such things. I look forward to your reply.

PFC Brown


Subject: Excellent questions
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2008 15:40:42 -0400

First of all, it is not so much the jews as a race that we detest, but the ideology of Zionism that so many of them follow. It is a plague and will ultimately destroy anything and everything that is not jewish. We do tend to focus on the more heinous crimes of non-whites in order to enlighten the public on the dangers of multiculturalism, but at the same time, we must admit to and report on the terrible crimes that many whites comitt in order to show that our race is falling into decadence and that this behaviour is further destroying us.
We are not so one-sided as many think. But we do see the root causes for most of society's ills and feel that  the "meat" of the matter must be brought to the forefront. There is not much time left for our race, and the time for half-measures and political correctness is far past.
I look forward to speaking with you further Sir, but I am heading out of town for 3 days in about 20 minutes, so I must cut this short. By all means, if you have any further questions, please send them and I will answer much more in depth when I am not so pressed for time.
                                                                                 NSM Staff Corps

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