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RE: Your email

Comrade Herring,
Thank you so much for your response!  It is a pleasure "meeting" and "speaking" with you.  I would love to attend one of the rallies you mentioned, but I will actually be on my honeymoon on that date!  My fiancee and I are getting married 11/1/08 and then we are solitude/mountain-bound in New England. 
However, I am VERY interested in speaking with you further regarding the formation of a strong TN NSM unit.  I do not at the present time know of anyone I could COUNT ON joining up along with me, but there are a select few men who teter on the brink.  I'm sure you know how that goes.  It is not easy to admit that one is NOT what the government wants them to be, therefore the widespread fear and intimidation plays a major role in "speaking out".  I will admit that I do worry about if/when I go public with this that I risk losing my job and so forth.  I am compelled to ask what legal ramifications have you seen played out against various unit leaders?  Any answers you provide won't necessarily make me change my decision.  I assure you that I would not "bumble" when I speak publicly, but even elequence doesn't gloss over our frustration in the eyes of the majority of liberally-brainwashed Americans. 
What is involved in the process in becoming unit leader here in the great state of TN?  What is my next step?  I am open to any questions you have about me and I almost encourage it so you know exactly where I am coming from and feel confident in allowing me the great priviledge of being an integral part of your association. 
For personal info and samples of my writings, see my myspace page at:
I encourage you to read at least a bit or all of the first two blogs or so.  Also, if you are not aware of Anton LaVey, there is a great snipit of his speaking on my page as well.  I look forward to begining this process and speaking with you/the NSM further!  I wish you a good weekend! 
P.S.  I can also be reached at 615-943-5550, but don't be surprised it I don't return calls immediately during the weekends.  Until our wedding, we are quite busy with preparations and family gatherings.  I'm sure you understand!!   

Mike Cook

Subject: Your email
Date: Sat, 4 Oct 2008 13:02:49 -0400

Greetings! We need more commited men and women in this struggle. You seem motivated and honest. We would be proud to have you amongst our ranks. I will see if there are any NSM members in your area and get back to you as soon as possible.
How many men or women do you currently associate with who may be interested in joining up with you? Our numbers are swelling monthly, and we are always looking for individuals who are able and willing to step into leadership positions. We are having three simultaneous rallys on November 8th in Columbia, Missouri Jefferson City, Missouri and Tyler Texas.
If you are able, we would love to have you join us on that day. Looking forward to speaking with again soon Comrade. 88!
                                                                           SS Herring
                                                                           NSM Staff Corps

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