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Nice article written for a college paper about NSM

A young lady from the West Coast sent me this article tonight that she wrote for her College paper on a known Political figure (yours truely). She said it was not published in the school paper because it was too controversial for them, but here it is for our readers...
                                         Commander Jeff Schoep
    Think of an American champion. Someone who fights for the greater good, a noble cause, and selflessly dedicates their life to better yours. You might think of John Adams, Ronald Reagan, Martin Luther King Jr., or even a military hero such as George Patton. All of these men were not afraid to challenge controversial ideas and would never admit defeat. They were rightly put into history books, and became legends. What we admire about them is their will to fight, and its what makes them heroes. I found a living champion in the city of Detroit, Michigan. 

    His name is Commander Jeff Schoep, an extremely controversial political figure in charge of the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States. The National Socialist Movement is an organization dedicated to the preservation of their "proud European heritage" and the creation of a National Socialist Society in America and around the world. As Commander, Schoep over sees the NSM organization, NSM88 Record Label and Radio, New Saxon website, and most recently SS Enterprise. By now, its obvious why Commander Jeff Schoep holds a position which many would find contentious.

    NSM has grown considerably since the Schoep took office in 1994, an vital action for the organization whose numbers were dwindling. Since Schoep stepped into the shoes of former Commander Cliff Herrington, he has taken a staggering amount of poor publicity. The endless supposed "inside" editorials "exposing" NSM, and with it their Commander seem to be constantly bombarding mainstream America. 

    But numbers don't lie! Under Commander Jeff Schoep NSM has gained in strength, numbers, and their business prospects continue to grow and flourish. It seems NSM is not only resilient but the negative publicity has encouraged people to join their cause, and convince current members to steadily hold fast to their beliefs. This is a direct reflection of the action, leadership and dedication of the Commander. 

    As a leader he not only makes it his career, but his life's purpose to spread his message of unity through a "greater America". He religiously signs off as, "If you're not part of the Solution, you're part of the Problem."  While he is advocating for his cause, gaining membership and bringing groups of people together under one ideal, obscure "journalists" looking for something or someone to slur, attempt to further tear a fragile America apart. Now you tell me who the bad guy is. Maybe you don't agree with his principles, but you have to admit the Commander is persistent in the face of a hostile contradiction. 

    Why hasn't the Commander gotten any positive, or even neutral credit for the work he has done? Do we, as a society only give recognition to those people whose causes we deem "appropriate" or "popular"? Its more than obvious what the answer is. And its unfortunate because I believe that Commander Jeff Schoep has surely pushed NSM forward against almost impossible odds.
Authored by Alice Alias.

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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