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Re: Matt Hale info and my Creativity items for sale - handmade WCOTC books!!

I've been selling White Power items online since 1999 CE!
Same as Aryan Wear!
I've got original Creativity WCOTC/COTC items!!
I've got the WCOTC March of the Titans!
I've got original ANP/Rockwell items!!!!
I've got a friend who is making these books by hand!
By Whites For Whites!!
NER, WMB, LWT, SL, all originals!!
Then we've got all 13 books being hand made in hardback!!!!
Only 15, 40, and 50 bucks each!!!!
I've got weapons!
I've got T's!
I've got books!
I've got drugs!
I've got it all!!!!
Remember, these are HAND MADE BY A WHITE MAN!!
Its "fubu" in reverse!!
The Creativity Alliance is buying! Why not you!
He'll also be hand making Evola and Nietzsche books, too!!
And my book as well...!
BTW, my book will be avalable for FREE once its finished!!
All ya got to do is write or e-mail and I'll send ya one for FREE!! Yep, I'll be losing money, but I want ya to read it!!
And as always, I got ammonia.

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