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NSM Uniform Standards: Policy Document for Party Members



      These uniform standards are effective as of April 20th, 2008 and supersede all previous standards.  For internal meetings and various other occasions as dictated by command, the Stormtrooper and Women's Division dress uniform will be used as they have in the past.  For all public functions, the new Duty uniform will be used. 

Commander Jeff Schoep 

Uniform Requirements: 

The NSM has strict requirements of attire.  We wear our uniform with pride because it represents our strength and the warrior code found within the precept of National Socialism.  These uniforms are to be worn at all NSM functions, including meetings, rallies and protests. 

Stormtrooper Dress Uniform and Women's Division Dress Uniform: 

The standards for the dress uniforms are as they have been prior. 

Duty Uniform (both sexes): 

Shirt – black BDU purchased through NSM Records  or by mail to Party HQ.

Pants – black BDU (battle dress uniform) style or Dickies black slacks (Pants should be bloused into boots) 

Boots - black military style (black laces only) 

Belt - black belt with silver buckle or Stormtrooper buckle 

Cap(optional) – Black SWAT style cap 

Rank insignia – in keeping with the spirit of modernizing our image, Black BDU rank insignia are the only approved badge of rank.  They are to be worn mid chest along the button line in keeping with current US military standards, sewn on with the upper edge even with the upper pockets, directly on the fabric covering the buttons on the BDU . Rank will be verified.  See below for ordering of the official new rank insignia, $5 

NSM Patch – on left shoulder 1 inch below shoulder seam 

State patch(optional) – only official approved State patch, on right shoulder 1 inch below shoulder seam.  See below for ordering of the State patch for your state $6 

Party pin – 1 party pin may be worn over the left pocket. 

Order form for Rank Insignia and State Patches 

# Patches State or Rank needed                         Total for Line   

_______       __________________________       $_____________   

_______       __________________________       $_____________ 

_______       __________________________      $ _____________ 

State Patch $6                     Total for order $_____________

Rank Insignia $5

Shipping and Handling will be initially free for NSM Members 

Name   ____________________________________ 

Mailing Address__________________________________________ 


City ________________________________ 

State ______ 

Zip ___________ 

Phone, or email to contact if questions about order  _________________________________________________________ 

Mail order With Check or Money Order payable to NSM Wisconsin to: 

Lt. Kris Johnson

Attn : Uniform Insignia

2321 S Oneida St.

Suite 6 PMB 260

Green Bay, WI 54304 

Credit card orders, or questions, email Lt. Johnson at to get info on how to arrange payment. 

Hail Victory!

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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