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Re: Your inquiry

Thanks so much for your reply. I will check. But I also was wanting to know if there was by any chance an NSM office in Virginia and do they help out with transportation like busses or something if we cannot drive to all of the events NSM have. I remember seeing a link to a website but it didn't show up. Are they doing some type of maintenance on the site. Also one of the others interested is my grandfather in his 60s, he is German and supports a lot of the ideas as myself. He wants to know if you are beyond a certain age are you allowed to still join or do you have to just fill out a supporter application.
I would actually like to march in public with you all in a uniformed division, but on the application the divisions are;  NSM, Women's Division, Stormtrooper Division, Skinhead division, Viking Division and Farmers' Association. So I don't have any specific type of skills but would love to spread the truth and words to others and draw them to the NSM. This is how I would be able to help also by support. Hopefully that would be enough. I do not mind devoting time to the NSM if I were to join. I will check out the contacts and units now. Thanks again.
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From: William Herring <>
Greetings sister! Thank you for your interest in the NSM. We have both uniformed and non-uniformed divisions, as a well as a Skinhead division. We recognize that different individuals have different talents and resources and so we have structured our organization to meet the needs and levels of committment of different people. You may become a fully uniformed member and march with us in public, or if you prefer, you may maintain a 'Supporter" status.
Many people have families, high-profile jobs that they understandably do not wish to jeopardize and we understand and respect this. ANy contribution to our efforts be it time, talents or money are equally important. On our main website you will find an application to download that has options for you desired level of committment. Also, there is a "Units and Contacts" box on the left hand side of the screen. Simply click that and you will find a complete list of all NSM units worldwide, along with contact information.
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