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Heil Yours!

Heil Yours, my dear brother, thank you for the answers and interview, its very interesting. You ask me about Russian SS Generals, i send you some clauses, but its the official point of view, about this Generals, not our. Many in this clauses is false, but many and true information. It is sad what we dont have our clauses about this Generals in english, but i think i do it for week or so.
About other. Comrade, you are always welcome in Russia, i think if you can drive to Russia, its would be really cool for us! 
And comrade, i want to ask you. We want sell some CDs, if it ok, we want oder some Cds from NSM Records. The first, i think we need 30 СDs. Can you send it to us and what about some rebate for us? If its ok, comrade, please send to me properties of the NSM Records or yours, for the payment. Best regards, comrade and 88!

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