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NSM staff Fwd: Immigration posioning

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From: Jane Smith <>
Date: May 13, 2008 11:23 PM
Subject: Immigration posioning

I would like to inform you that I truly admire the National Socialist Party as well as for your strong beliefs and hopes for a better America.

I would like to join, but I am not able to on account that I embarrassingly would not be able to pay 25 dollar's plus the 5.

I'm 17 ,and I have tried to get a job, and I feel that I was turned down because of being a white American..

The store consist of Mexicans, Asians, and Arab's, and that strongly angers me that these people come first in our country.. The store has told me that they are full and have no job openings but I see new Hispanics and Asians each time I have gone there. It's the worst feeling to taste and see in the world.. Florida is filled with so much diversity it scares me. I rarely anymore go out of my house because there is an Asian gang near by, and I myself as a female could not stand up to them if they where to try to hurt me..

I hate of what America has become, and of what it might turn out to be in the future, in less it is stopped…

For Christ sake! Have you heard of the over abundance of poverty in St.Petersburg Florida in which I live near? But guess what, the only poverty ridden people are the  hard working Americans as well as for the ones that are not able to get jobs because of the Hispanic's and Asians etc! American's are living on the side of the rode, in tents and ARE eating food from garbage cans!!! While, these foreigners just come here and get everything served to them on a silver platter and live it up!

Since when should American's have to live like this, and since when do these foreigners get every benefit and special treatment over and above Americans!!?!?!

For instance I would like to go to a specific art school, and later become a politician, but I fear that I will not be able to on account of my race and being poverty ridden.

As I'm sure you are aware that there are not to many grants out there for WHITE AMERICAN'S. Not to mention my mother is a single parent breaking her back just to get food on the table, and forced to pay out to her last pennies to the immigrants, thus leaving no money to be able to afford anything such as air-conditioning…..

I also hate that my great uncle has fought for this country and risked his life during WW2, and our family receives nothing but to see foreigners benefit from everything as they wave their scummy flags around and disrespect us even more by talking in their language, it truly brakes my heart to see that on account of many Americans have died and fought long and hard for this country, and For these foreigners just come here and scum our nation up, and acquire every benefit there is or everything there is ..

This thought has been a nightmare in my mind for a long time. Since I was 15  I have considered myself a national socialist, I have stuck up for my socialist beliefs many of times. I have been bothered by this burden of my future being taken away from me by Hispanics and Asians  Hispanics also get FREE ESOL, and I want to learn a language, but my mother would have to pay for a tutor, which she cannot afford so it is hard for me to learn the language, not to mention that the Hispanics and Asians, muslims get every benefit there is over and above American children...

With living in Florida as you may know Miami as been dominated by Hispanics and everything's in Spanish … their just slowly moving north dominating our country one bit as they go along, because a lot of whites do not want to live in a city with a majority of Hispanics as you know many of them are trashy and highly racist, rude etc …

It is a disgrace to see America being used as a door mat for these people just to come here and wipe there feet on..

 Why should an American's have to worry of such things, and feel like I have to compete with people that are not even from America not to mention have the feeling of being pushed out of your own country because of these people!!!!?

This is another frustration that I would like to share with you, maybe you can possibly find a places for it on your site..

 I'm not sure if this link will work for you so here is a different one to this same article-


<a href="" href="" target="_blank">" target="_blank"><img src="" href="" target="_blank">" border="0" title="The Image Hosting" /></a>

I am going to be a senior and this really frustrates and scares me to see this opportunity that I have never had ,and cannot have just because I am a white American…


Sincerely, Samantha L.

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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
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