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Lone Wolf Fliering Tips

Lone Wolf Fliering Tips
By Hardy Lloyd
Found at
There are two types of people who flier?
One who wastes his time with an organization. Who wastes his energies and money on fliers that contain boring facts and scientific figures that the brain dead could care less about! Someone who pays $0.10 per page for a sheet long flier, instead of printing up sheets with 3, 5, even 12 mini-fliers!
Then there is the other type. The guy who joins no organization. A man who is willing to dress as the brain dead or even as a JEW in order to get away with putting up fliers! A man who prints up fliers that can be cut 3, 5, even 12 mini-fliers per page, thus saving him money that can be used to create bombs and zip guns! This type of Lone Wolf propagandist uses neither facts nor scientific evidence to convince a brain dead people to ?join? a ?legal? organization whose goals are laughable?! No, this Lone Wolf pamphleteer uses EMOTIONAL WORDS AND PHRASES! He creates fliers that speak to a White's emotions! He uses words that anger people, that put fear into people? He even lies and exaggerates in order to sway the public to act in a violent manor!! This Lone Wolf doesn?t care about ?saving his country? or in ?preserving law and order?? NO! He only cares about stirring up violence and terrorism, because he knows that the White man is an emotional creature who must be pushed and forced into saving his race from slavery!
Fliering should be done to stir the pot, to create a storm of violence against our enemies? Fliering should never, EVER, be done to recruit people to our cause. Why? Because Aryans are born, they are not recruited! If you live in this world and yet need to be convinced that White Racial Loyalty and violence are true, then who needs you!! FUCK OFF!!
Now for some flier ideas? Remember that you should write up fliers with slogans that use emotion and that can be fitted at least 3 per sheet? One can always use MSWord?s ?column? tables to make 8, 10, even 12 per sheet.
Tell people in your flier how to make silencers.
How to make Napalm. There are 2 ways I know!!
How to make a pipe-bomb.
Where to use that pipe-bomb. Where to throw that Napalm.
How to kill cops and get away with it.
How to murder people and get away with it.
Hell, promote child sex slavery and drugs! Anything that will cause the people to cry out and revolt! Or, just to piss them off, since they are brain dead, and who needs some one like that!?!
Also, you could make up fliers that say things like the following:::
Israeli Jews murder 6 million Palestinians every year!
Or, niggers rape 2000 White Women every day in the United States !
Or, how about this one:
A local detective, Jon Smith, who goes undercover to arrest people, lives at 5551212 USA street . Here is his picture:
He needs to die!
Terrorism is the poor mans means to achieving FREEDOM!
Death to America !
Americans murder 10,000 Mexicans every week!
US ?healthcare? kills 1.7 million Americans every year!
US ?healthcare? murders 700,000 Whites every day!
And so on????????
Use your imagination, Comrades! Just remember the following. A) 99% of ALL people EVERYWHERE are stupid, especially Americans and Anglo-Saxons!! So, don?t use facts and logic, only use emotional catch words!! B) Don?t join a group! Stay on your own, or with people who you?ve known for decades! C) Flier at night, and dress as the locals do when fliering!! Sometimes you can get away with fliering during the day, because people and cops don?t expect you to flier in daylight. Just make sure that you dress as the locals do!! D) Best times to flier at night in the US are Tuesdays, Wodensday, and Thorsday between 1am and 4am? Tuesdays from 1am to 3:30am during the hot summer months are best! Most people are too over worked and too tired to care about some ?homeless? man walking the streets!! E) Dressing as a homeless man is a really good disguise!! No one, and I mean NO ONE, pays ANY attention to a bum on the street!! Make sure to spray yourself with stink smell!! Like deer urine and items found in a hunting store? Or just use shit! Trust me, no cop in the world will question you if you seem half asleep and smell of shit!! Uh, also, dressing as a smelling bum is also a good trick when you are trying to assassinate someone!! F) And remember this; you are not trying to recruit people or to even change their minds? Your only job is to spread the message of violent revolution and ultra freedom!!
And for a quick note concerning debates and arguments with the non WRL white? Don?t even try! They are all scum and useless!! Who needs or even wants some schmuck who has to be convinced that we are telling the truth!?! I just tell people this:::
?Look, pal, I believe in Wotanist Jihad and in killing Americans and infidels. I don?t care what you think, or what you think of me. And yes, I do support socialism and open acts of terrorism! I laugh when a white American is raped! I laugh when an earthquake kills a million American infidels! What ya going to do about it, ah, Whitey!?! You ain?t nothing but a pussy American bitch! I?ll take your ass and rape you with my superior White Cock!! Now get the fuck out of my face, bitch boy!?
Have fun, Comrades, and take care!

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