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Re: Greetings comrade!

My girlfriend is going to join the women's division, she is going to send her application in tomorrow. My buddy TJ will get his application in sometime before the end of the world and there is a far chance that his wife may join also. There is a young guy who works at Kroger's is interested and the other day I went down there and explained the difference between us and the Aryan Brotherhood because he didn't understand the difference between us and some of the others. I tried to explain as best I could in the short time I had with him before he had to go back to work what National Socialism was and so on. As I still have to work (by myself more or less) toward getting a unit up around here I have decided to write some propaganda  and I should be sending that to HQ tomorrow. I am mainly  used to  writing fiction so my reality based propaganda  will get better with the next set. I have never been in an actual formal organization dedicated to the preservation of our kind but a couple of years ago myself and that same friend of mine TJ started a group called the SACRED CHIVALRIC ORDER OF KNIGHTS OF EUROPA in which we have been trying to make everyone that we run across understand that they are of European descent and try to get them to re-discover their roots and their individual peoples traditions and cultures. There are no membership cards no member lists or anything it is really just the two of us and even then mainly me. It is my desire one day to have a website and actually have membership cards and sections on the site for research of individual European cultures and their histories. And from there  I would actually like to see actual buildings for the members to meet in like lodges where they can go to  and discuss things  and study etc, but that is in the future.
I do got an idea for some leaflets and you're more than welcome to have your unit draw them up  and start putting them out. 
One of them is really just to straight piss people off it involves taking a picture of a monkey in a business suit smoking a cigar that is sitting down and photo shopping it onto the desk of the oval office with the caption OBAMA 08' IS IT REALLY TIME FOR A CHANGE LIKE THIS???. I don't know if that is going too far or if  it is something we would want to avoid as it might defeat our cause but it is an idea.

Peace Comrade,

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From: William Herring <>
Sent: Thursday, May 8, 2008 4:36:22 PM
Subject: Greetings comrade!

Commander Schoep tells me we have some Aryans in your area who are interested in joining this fight to save our race. When you become a member of the NSM, you become a part of a family, and we are always willing to embrace new comrades who have awakened to the reality of our world. My home number is (701) 235-5004. If you have any questions concerning this movement don't hesitate to call. I would be happy to speak with another committed white patriot.
                                                                                           William Herring
                                                                                           NSM North Dakota

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