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RE: NSM Staff

Hopefully you will remember our previous emails.
Given the fact that I have access only to DoD computers, the opportunities for me to get on the NSM website are severely limited. I was kind of just looking for an update on things as of late; how the march went, anything I can help with, etc.
Its looking like I will be returning home sometime this fall/winter.
As I've said in previous emails, I really would like something to do for now. The only reason that I am addressing these emails to you is because this is pretty much the only email address I have, haha. If there is somewhere else that I should be sending my emails, please let me know.
Something I had a question on, is there any sort of form or certificate proving my lifetime membership in NSM? I kind of just want it for a keepsake to frame or something for my office. Just wondering.
And also, please let me know how the march went, as I cannot access the website from my current location.
SGT Kyle R. Wrobel (lifetime member)
DCO 1-87 IN
APO AE 09338

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