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Re: My thoughts exactly

Comrade Herring,
Thanks for your reply. I plan on joining, I'm going to get my passport photos when I get paid, and along with my $20 sign up fee and my $10 for first months dues I will send in my application, ( I got that right don't I?) Times have been rough for me and I'm trying to get back on track. My hours were cut back at my job as an auto mechanic, because I was'nt bilingual, and the owner wanted to "reel in some of the latin business," My car broke and I could'nt afford the parts to fix it, I got a second job in a sandwich shop and still I could'nt make rent, so before I got evicted and when it was painfully obvious I was'nt getting my hours back I cut my losses, and went commercial fishing with my cousin, but after a month we fell out in port in Fort Bragg, and broke he left me there, I made a friend in the dock, an old salty dog from S.F who saw my frustration and rage and tought me how to breathe, he spoke of The Brotherhood and how no man is an island and sometimes we all need help and must have the courage to accept that help. He fed me, gave me water and a place to stay for the night, I did some work on his boat the next day, and he gave me money and I went on my way, my only cost is to do the same for another in my position and thats the way it's supposed to work. I made my way to S.F and got a bus up to Oregon where my father said he needed a ranch hand, my family is separated and scattered by the way, he had some health and legal issues, and the ranch was'nt working out enough to make profit, so I got a job at a lumber mill pulling green chain to make ends meet, it was one of the best times of my life up there, the ranch was 40 acres on a mountain, my Ford 4x4, my .45 pistol, and my German Shepard Einstein, my father and uncle, but my father said that he had to leave and I did'nt want to be up there alone so we sold out and all came back, he got a trailer, and I gave him my Dog because I could'nt bring him to my sisters house back in California, good times. Thats part of my story, hope you enjoy it. But on another note in my last e-mail to Commander Schoep I inquired about real military training, in the sence of a boot camp, weopons and tactics, and survival. Having an instructor who has been in battle would be more beneficial to me than a book, I'm sure you understand. Any suggestions? I realize the Commander is probably very busy so I don't want to bother him, while he is making preparations for the march, which I'm sure is why he forwarded this message to you, plus it seems you are in charge of staffing. So what can you tell me that might help me? And again I had enough when I was 6 years old running home from my inner-city school in Glen Park San Fransico to get to my grandmothers house(where we lived) trying to avoid beat downs I recieved quite often as being a white minority in a city school. The teachers would turn a blind eye and told my father I might be safer if we moved. Understand my whole family was from this neigborhood, right after my greatgrandparents came across the sea from Scotland and Germany, My grandmother met my grandfather at this school, my aunts and uncles and my father went to this school. My father and mother met in college, as they grew up across town from one another. Back in the days when citys were still white dwellings, and neigborhoods and community meant something, funny it was also a cleaner place, before all this racial integration of S.F schools was even looked at in a serious manner. We'd still be there but I was headed down a terrible path if we had stayed, so would have my siblings, so we moved to the country, which was great. I've never seen it before, just in the summer, my father had a good union job (electrician) so he was a great provider, until he got hurt. Anyway maybe I'll write it all down one day, sorry about the novel I go on tangents sometimes. Hope to here back from you soon,
Sincerly, your Fellow American and White Brother,
John Lindt
P.S, I wanted to go to the march in D.C, but I just cant afford a plane ticket, or accomadations right now. I'm sorry to miss this historic and truly remarkable event. Resilience and strenght to all who go.

William Herring <> wrote:
Comrade, your words were true. It is infinitely pleasing to hear from an awakened white man. Most of the white cattle who live in this fucked up country seldom take the time to take a good look at the world around them and prefer instead to stuff Doritos down their throats and watch "reality" TV.
You have taken the first steps towards change. We feel exactly as you do, and we are working to address these issues. Every year we march through America's largest and most violent cities spreading the message of white unity and change in our government. Perhaps you have finally had enough and wish to join us. United, our victory is not a possibility, it is a certainty. Let me know.
                                                                               NSM Staff Corps

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