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Re: Your inquiry

Hello Camerad!
Unfortunately none wants to contact me.I found the contact in Phoenix. can leave a message and none call me back.I sent e-mail several times and I got andwer a day before yesterday.I promise you I would be a good asset.Actually In my opinion is,in the United States in America only the white peoples got discriminating.I experience that ever since I entered in this country.But the other countries has a same sad story.We have to unified and stick together,before the cionists extinct the white peoples and destroy our culture and civilization.I looking forward to join NSM and starting the hard fight for our life.
Laszlo Szarka 
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From: William Herring <>
Hello Comrade! Please visit our main website and scroll down the left hand side of the screen until you see the 'Units and Contacts" box. There you will find a complete listing of any and all NSM units in your area, along with contact information. We have several fine members in Arizona, and I am sure that your skills can be an asset to our organization.
                                                                                    NSM Staff Corps

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