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Re: Your interest in the NSM

Thank you for your reply, the local NSM response was not as kind. I am eager to learn and am greatful for your kindness. I want to be a part of the party; I can offer my artistic ability in the fashion of classic oil painting like that of Durer but am not as interested in design.


with greatfullness.


Zachary Young

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From: William Herring <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2008 7:23:12 PM
Subject: Your interest in the NSM

Greetings! I can see that you are interested, but have much to learn. But that is not a bad thing! There is a different meaning in the 'socialism" part of National Socialism. Comrade, I could not possibly give you an entire definition here of NS without taking an hour. Do yourself a favor and read Mein Kampf. Make sure it is the Manheim translation.
Your curiousity is refreshing. So many simply accept the world around them and never question anything. You would be amazed at how many e-mails we recieve like this daily. It is evidence that people are naturally drawn to this ideology, but do not understand what they feel or why. Your awakening is just beginning. We are not a cult or a religious movement, simply a politcal party working to save our race from destruction.
The legacy of Aryans is our intellect and ability to think and reason. Use these gifts and come to your conclusions about Adolph Hitler and National Socialism. He was correct, and this will become evident as time goes on.
                                                                            NSM Staff Corps

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