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RE: NSM Staff FW: info: on the divisions

Thanks for your time.Sorry to bother you with petty problems.We would really like to have our crew name DIE ARISCHEN KRIEGER written in the german fraktur.But sorry again and thanks for the  info and for what and who  you are and for your effort and fight in this filthy world.SIEG HEIL.
-------------- Original message from William Herring <>: --------------

Good to hear Brother! Every man is an asset, no matter what level of his comittment. As for the jackets and printing off of embroidery patterns- I have to apologise my friend- I know more about quantum physics than about that kind of thing- and I know jack shit about quantum physics! HA!!
I do believe though we have a new supplier for our patches and flags. I will look into it for you.
Our next event is a book burning in Ohio I believe. It is on March 1st. Check out our main site for more details at Take care and stay safe comrade!
                                                                & nbsp;   Sincerely,
                                                                    NSM Staff Corps

Subject: RE: NSM Staff FW: info: on the divisions
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 02:42:53 +0000

SIEG HEIL to all of you.I really appreciate the response and the advice.I really need your help on something else,this is probably a waiste of your time,but i am having an extremely hard time trying to get our names and other stuff written out in Luftwaffe and printed.We have tried everything.This one site let us download the alphabet and let us write anything we wanted but would not let us print it and then took it away.If you know of any site that we could go on it would be greatly appreciated,my 3 man crew is waiting for their jackets.Please keep us updated of any events marches concerts ect.Our applications will be there soon.Thankyou.
-------------- Original message from William Herring <>: --------------

Greetings comrade! Glad to hear that white men are coming together everywhere. I myself grew up in North Dakota in various small towns. Not even 15 years ago, it was still mostly rural and quiet- even Fargo, the largest city. The poison and filth are pouring in. We must all stand as one if we are to be victorious. As for your crew and level of committment, we have several divisions. If you do not wish to march in uniform, no problem. We have a skinhead division. Please check out our main website at to download an application. You can mark your desired level of activity. Any and all contributions in the form of your time and effort are greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your interest and for your patriotism. Perhaps we will see you in uniform standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we fight for the survival of our race.
            & nbsp; &nb sp;                                                   Sincerely,
                                                                   William Herring
                                        ;                             NSM Staff Corps

Subject: NSM Staff FW: info: on the divisions
Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2008 20:13:20 -0600


Subject: info: on the divisions
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2008 01:02:40 +0000

SIEG HEIL to all of you.I am writing on behalf of myself and a few others here in the disguisting,little  town of Lucedale,Ms.This is south ms. and the further you go the worse it gets.Anyway,i could sit here all night tellin you about the trash that has infested this county and surroundings.It so bad that me and a few have started our own crew.We are in our 30s and have ourselves established in careers and homes.We are watching this ,once not long ago ,quiet country town bein torn apart by nigger gangs,niggerlovers,fags,ill.dikes etc.I know its like that all over, but now its here.This is a small town and that is alot of stuff.So we have awakened.I have always been racially aware.I've been affiliated with nazism since the ripe old age of 13.But very illiterate to the national socialist movement,i know its a shame.This crew of skins i have started is straight edged and full blooded.We've got jackets made with our names and logos.This project has'nt kicked off yet due to $ situations.What i would like to know is what division should i  and others join and how would it benifit us and you???I am having and extremely hard time finding members and would like to know if this would help  us get recognized by you and other skins.Thanks for your time and i hope you respond.SIEG HEIL

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