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Re: New recruits

Hails Brother,
I just read this after going through a bunch of mail. Do not worry abou NSM dues, we will put you on a waiver until things get better for you. Your work on Staff is more important than $10. a month anyways, reliable help is hard to find. Yeah, the ranks are swelling, but solid reliable help is still a precious resource (don't laugh, its true, ha ha). The end of the NSM is retarded as Ramsey himself, that homosexual still calls me every single day and leaves weirdo messages. Perhaps if he found a girlfriend he could stop being so gay. His behavior is like a text book page out of some jewish handbook.
No one will think ill of you if you do not have the funds to be at Nationals, I have been there and done that in regards to having nothing and have done the homeless thing in the past too (years ago), so no worrys Brother. If you do make it, and are cash strapped, let me know and we will make some sort of acomodations for you. I refuse to let any good man go hungry at an NSM event, and you know damn well we have plenty of good people that will share a room, a ride, or whatever. 88

On 2/15/08, William Herring <> wrote:
If the volume of what you send me is any indication, we must be swelling in numbers. I would imagine that you answer the majority yourself, but I still get many. This tells me that we are gaining in numbers and popularity. Excellent! It no longer angers me when I hear the weekly rumors of "the end of the NSM". Now it just makes me laugh.
On a personal note Sir- I am doing all that I can just to stay afloat here financially. There is a 50/50 shot that I can make DC. Things have been wretched Jeff. Since Angela left, I have been treading water just to pay the bills. I've lost 20 pounds and am now down to washing my clothes in the bathtub and using coffee filters for toilet paper. Yeah- its that bad.
I am not bitching or being a pussy- I just wanted you to know that if I don't get to DC, it will break my heart, but it will be completely unintentional. I would walk if I could Sir. Luckily my landlord is a great guy and is letting me slide on the rent. However, the computer payments, electricity, phone, internet and child support people are not as understanding.
I was out of work for nearly 3 weeks. It was a real bitch finding a job because of my record. I guess spending 8 years in prison did not count for anything.... I thought I had paid for what I did. I am even 4 months behind on my dues, and it shames me.
So I will do all that I can Jeff, but it isn't looking good. The NSM is my second family, and I would hate to let you all down. But shit, if I am broke, I'm broke. I have two months to get enough together for a bus ticket to Nationals. If I work my ass off and if the people I owe money to are patient, I can make it. If I am not there Commander, please do not take it personally or see it as me being gutless.
                                                                        SS Probate Herring

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