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Re: NSM Staff Re: The Stab in the Back!

Dear Mr. Herring:  Have you ever noticed just how closely President Bush resembles Howdy Doodie?  He even dresses like a puppet.  Who is pullin' his strings??
                                   Merlin Storm
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Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 6:03 AM
Subject: RE: NSM Staff Re: The Stab in the Back!

Comrade- you seem to have a much firmer grasp of things than most Americans.. The Bush familie's "indiscretions" are known to a few. The parallel between what is happening now and what happened in Germany in the post ww 1 era is striking, to say the least. We fully understand the situation and are working day and night to prepare ourselves for what must be done. We foresee a great storm coming, and a time of darkness. You must brace yourself and grab onto that core of steel that resides within every Aryan. These rallys we hold 4 or 5 times a year are only the beginning. Our true goal is to get National Socialists into public office where we can effect real change in this country. I promise you one thing comrade- the mighty and sacred swastika WILL fly over the White House one day. I for one am willing to make any sacrifice necessary to see that happen in my lifetime. We are not dreamers or living in some fantasy world- we are realists and we know PRECISELY what is going on here in America and there is no doubt in our minds who is responsible. Take your place among us Brother. We extend the hand of brotherhood and fraternity. We do not ask you to stand with us so that you may hate your fellow man who is not white, but so that you may love, with your whole heart, those who are..... Be well Comrade. Get back to us.
                                                                  NSM Staff Corps

Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 00:56:14 -0500
Subject: NSM Staff Re: The Stab in the Back!

SS Probate Herring,
Here is another one. Also, we need another person to fill in as a moderator on the NSM Forum board, do you still want to take on anymore work or??? We could use at least 2 or 3 more staffers on the Forum board badly. 88

On 1/31/08, s.march <> wrote:
Esteemed Leader,  Near the end of WW1 the government of Germany betrayed the German nation and its military in the field.  Adolf Hitler made a great deal of progress politically with this when he repeatedly reminded the German masses of the facts concerning the Stab in the Back as the Nazi Party was starting to make headway toward its goal to create a better Germany.  I believe the present circumstances are such that with little effort our speakers can make similar headway as they bring facts about the present Stab in the Back that the American people have been subjected to during the Bush Dynasty.
     Shorty after the Senior George Bush was elected to office, his son was discovered to be one of the biggest culprets in our countrie's largest savings and loan scandals..
Mr.  Bush Seniour went to great lengths to cover up his son's participation as one of the central figures in this looting of billions of dollars in federally guaranteed loans.
To my knowledge, Bush Senior's son was not only not punished, he was never even arrested.
     After George Senior was elected NAFTA was passed,
thousands of American companies and millions of  American jobs went to Mexica.  Why did Mr. Bush Senior and the Congress do this.  I can see no obvious logical reason for putting millions of Americans out of work.  The only Americans who stood to benefit from this act of treason
was the small segment of Americans who are the very richest of the rich.  The mega millionaires who own all those companies who would make enourmously bloated profits by
paying Mexican workers only a small fraction of the amount their North Americans had previously earned.  The bottom line here can only have been because the President and Congress were bribed.  They sold the American working people out.
     When Congress and the Preesident passed laws to give tax advantages to American companies that invested in China and India the problems caused by NAFTA were multiplied millions of times.  Millions of good paying jobs ceased to exist for Americans.  Once again, in the absence of any logical reason for causing such mass hardship among Ameerican working people the only conclusion is that Bush, et al were paid off to stab Americans in the back.
     By then Mr. Bush Junior had supposedly been elected President.  He went to war with Iraq because he said the CIA had told him Iraq had weapons of mass distruction..  When he decided there weere no such weapons instead of withdrawing from the war he expanded it.  Since there was no logical explanation for this senseless mass slaughter we must conclude once again that people with vested interests in keeping the price of petrolium low paid Bush Junior off to conduct a war which had no other real purpose than to kick their ass and take their gas.  While this war has indeed kept the price of oil lower than would have been the case had the war never taken place, the war was only a short term fix which allowed special interests here in the United States to rake in huge profits so long as the war continues.  Once again we can only conclude that Bush Junior was bribed to help oil companies here by keeping oil prices low while undermining long term interests throughout the Middle East.
     The United States has been and continues to be invaded by tens of millions of Mexicans and others from below our southern border.  It is all around us.  Everyone can see it.
Mr. Bush, in violation of his Oath of Office, refuses to act against these criminals who are here to steal our jobs and turn our country into a banana republic.  The only North Americans who stand to gain are the rich people who will hire these wetback invaders under the table and give them our jobs.  Why has he stabbed the American people in the back this way?  The only possible anser is that he was paid off.  No one in the Senate or the House has taken the legal steps they are supposed to take to have this criminal president removed from office.  Why have ALL of our Senators and Representatives chosen not to act?  They have been payed off to stab us in the back, too.
     I really think someone should conduct an in depth investigation of the Bush family and the the various members of the House and Senate to contrast their net worth when they took office and when they left office.  Hundreds of billions of dollars must be involved.  But who is gonna do anything about it?
     Have the American people had enough of it yet?  A lot of us have.  We must have an organized effort to turn the bastards out of office and give this great country bact to the people it really belongs to.  That effort must come from our nation's true guardians of freedom.  Of course here I mean the National Socialists.  Now is the time,  You must act before all is lost.  What will they do to us next??
     God bless the NSM..

Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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