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NSM Staff Re: 27 year old in Indiana

On 2/5/08, Lucas Purciful <> wrote:
my name is luke. i twenty seven years old and live in anderson indiana.
i am e-mailing you as a response to your Internet site. i have searched similar sites and found your beliefs and ideas closest to that of my own.
i am curious- do the members take it seriously? is the organization as a whole committed to what is preached?
i ask because the few times i have met "like minded people" here in anderson i was somewhat disappointed. first example - several years ago i met a man was supposedly a member of the elwood ku klux klan- to put it simply- he was an idiot hillbilly. his language and english was no better than the average thug and his IQ had to be even lower. i am not even sure that he was truly a member - but nevertheless he was very adamant that he was.
second example- i was at a local bar one afternoon having conversation with a young lady about my age. i was expressing my concerns about race mixing with and she told me that she knew some local skinheads. since i knew of none in the area i went with her to meet these white brothers. i am sorry to say that the meeting was extremely disappointing - and i was embarrassed for even considering aligning myself with such people. of course- they looked the part- short hair- various posters- white laces in the boots- but it was their attitudes and actions that troubled me. they openly talked among each other about getting high later (crack) - they too seemed as though they never made it through the third grade (i believe that white people should be educated enough to not use cussing with every other word). by their body language - and just the conversations - it seemed to me they were untrustworthy.
these type of things concern me- especially now that i just had my first child (a daughter) last september. i would like to think that should could be around people who share my view without having to concerned that she would get addicted to drugs, raped, or any type of activity related to how an average nigger would behave.
do you promote higher education? i am concerned with this issue because of the rise of many educated blacks (which of course the government pays for). it seems to me we need people in higher places inside the courts and not just on the steps screaming.
i look forward to your reply. i hope that your organization is a hopeful one for our race- however if most of the member are no better than the two examples listed above- please feel free to not reply.

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Commander Jeff Schoep
"If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem."  
National Socialist Movement

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