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FW: Ohio NSM Book Burning Planned For March 1st


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 23:41:31 -0500
Subject: Ohio NSM Book Burning Planned For March 1st


To Whom All It May Concern,  
14! 88!
  The NSM Ohio has scheduled another book burning event to show the public that we stand up against the avalanche of pro-homosexual and lesbian books, literature that degrades the white race, books that promote anti-Christian morals, values and ethics, books that continue to promote Holocaust lies,  books that promote non-existant black achievements as well as the  jewish Talmud which endorses the killing, rape, sodomization, theft, attacks on and deceit of all non-jews.
   For too long our nation has put up with this degenerate and perverted filth that is forced into our faces and  into our childrens schools! It's time to become part of history and show the world and nation that we are the ones who have had enough! 
   This book burning is one way of peacefully gathering together, united, to have comraderie and friendship with people who feel the same way as yourself and to display in a public event how we desperately need to express our attempt to keep our nation from becoming a degraded cesspool of pornography and garbage hidden behind the titles of "art" or "literature".  
   The Ohio National Socialist Movement is going to change that. WE are taking a stand against the politically correct, manipulated schools system and publication industry that chooses to pollute our children and our lives with this misguided and deceptive agenda.
   The Meeting will take place at 4 p.m. at Lewisburg Park on Dayton St. in Lewisburg, OH. We will carpool to another park for a National Geographic interview and public awareness meeting. From there we will proceed to a private location for the book burning. Afterwards we will go to a meeting hall for refreshments and hot chow.
  For those interested, please contact Mark Martin at 937-558-1478 or by email   OR Lewisburg Unit Leader Gary Robinson @ 937-533-5008 .
  We look forward to meetiong all those of like  mind in this stand against literary tyranny!
M. Martin
DIRECTIONS:    LEWISBURG PARK, LEWISBURG OH.  From the I-70 & I-75 interchange, take I-70 West approximately 20 miles to Exit #14 (St Rt 503, Lewisburg/West Alexandria). Turn Right onto St 503 North going into Lewisburg.  At the first traffic light (blinking red light) turn right onto Salem Rd.  Take Salem Rd. west approximately 1/2-3/4 mile to Knapke Ln (you will cross over Twin Creek).  Turn Left onto Knapke Ln and the soccer fields will be on your left.
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are a jew, you can only be in possession through deceit, treachery, guile, cunning, 
dissimulation and chicanery, and such possession of this e-mail is contrary to law. 
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contents to any other jew is a punishable offense.


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