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The P.B.A. creating a complete global utopia, correcting past injustice and saving and protecting the world

Dear Sir/Maddam,
Please take the time to read the People's Business Authority document attatched. This document proposes the implementation of a far more superior and more powerful political system than any the world has ever seen. Saving lives and drastically improving the quality of every human life, tackling and solving every global problem, preventing crime completely and ridding the world of every injustice, implementing sure policies for global peace and security and creating a perfect unified world economy with many surprising positives that will make a prosperous world for all with zero neglect. This all done with the funding and power of global economy serving the people, rightfully and legally owned and controlled by a people representing world government. The illegality of modern disassociated and weak economic ownership is shown with analysis of the origin of modern ownership of all lands, resources and businesses originating from a previous false royal claim of ownership of all lands being granted by God. There is a confidence that every person will convert to and support this new political system if knowledgeable about it. The People's Business Authority encourages every life aware to become activists to rise the nations into People's Business Authority nations enriching and saving the world. Thank you.

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