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NSM Commander Speaks about Loyality and Honor

Open Letter to Members of the Party:

NSM Party Comrades, I am addressing this publicly, but it is directed at active Party members. When I first joined the NSM I knew it would be something I would stick with the rest of my life. It was not a club, a gang, or some fleeting thrill for the moment: it was a commitment to a way of life, and a direct link to many of our Forefathers who fought for Blood and Soil.

It has recently come to my attention that certain former and current National Socialists are actively working for the enemy. We have compiled a list of former NSM members: this list is to be kept absolutely confidential!  All Current National Socialist Movement members are under direct orders to have no association with the oath breakers and race-traitors on the following list:



Jim Ramm     Portland Oregon           Resigned
Ned     Sisters Oregon                 Resigned - inactive
Mike Blevins     Florida               Resigned
Nick Chappell     South Carolina       Resigned
Leign Peterson     South Dakota        Resigned
Richard Brunson Englewood, Colorado    Resigned
Chris Bedell Colorado Springs colorado Resigned
Chris Drake     Atlanta Georgia        Resigned
Alyson     Lansing Mi.                 Resigned
Charlene Dejabet     South dakota      Resigned
Andrew Gordon     South dakota         Resigned
Frank Dunmire  Rapid City South Dakota Resigned
Taylor Bowl Laurens South Carolina     Resigned
Eric Adams    Greenville Tennessee     Resigned
Abbey Adams   Greenville Tennessee     Resigned
Greg Mcbrinnen     Seattle             Resigned
Al Leiberfarb     Chicago, IL          Resigned
Dillan March     Oregon                Resigned
Kenneth Hart     Portland Oregon       Resigned
Gary Nemeth     Tacoma Washington      Resigned
Virgil Griffin     Cleveland, Ohio     Resigned
"Cartman"     Seattle Washington       Resigned
Ryan          Seattle Washington       Resigned
Claya Huot     Portland Oregon         Resigned
Ryan     Portland Oregon               Resigned
Dave Gletty     Orlando Florida        Nark: Kicked Out
James Getchell   Richland, Washington  Resigned
John Everett     Portland Oregon       Resigned
Johnthon Simmons     Portland Oregon   Resigned
Richard Knoll     Fresno California    Resigned
Mike Miller     Vancouver Wa.          Resigned
Nigel Fouvauge   Glendale California   Resigned
Rick Mon Baron     Athol Idaho         Resigned
Mike Mcqueeney     Wisconsin           Kicked out
Ryan Draper     Utah                   Resigned
Mark Martin     Covington Ohio         Resigned or inactive
Gary Showalter Walla Walla Washington  Resigned
Erin Sessions     Portland Oregon      Resigned
John Brandt     Everett Washigton      Resigned
Shawn Stewart     Butte Montana        Resigned
Michael Vanduren     Portland Oregon   Resigned
Eric Stone     Portland Oregon         Resigned
Brittney     Ohio                      Resigned
Bradly Hirschorn Spokane Washington    Resigned
Professor Jaques Pluss     New York    Resigned
April Braun-patterson     Indiana      Resigned
John Snyder     Indiana                Resigned
Shaun     Cour D' Alene Idaho          Resigned
Wallis Jones Greensboro N.C.           Resigned
Sessa Carlson     Cadillac Michigan    Resigned
Kimberly Jones Greensboro N. C.        Resigned
Dan Carlson     Cadillac Michigan      Resigned or inactive
Jill Loach     Englewood, Colorado     Resigned
Josh Henry     Georgia                 Resigned or inactive
Edward Schultz     Texas               Resigned
Rich     Sacremento Calif.             Resigned
Dan Benson     Libby Montana           Resigned
Brad     Cadillac Michigan             Resigned
Adam Manchester     California         Resigned
Randoph     Tennessee                  Resigned
James Sutherland Portland Oregon       Resigned
Robert M.     Bend Oregon              Resigned
Josh Rogers     Sacremento Califonia   Resigned or inactive
Will Moffitt     Seattle Washington    Resigned
Michael Kenneth Franksville, Wisconsin Kicked Out
Mary Sanders     Spokane Washington    Resigned
Adam Ganuy     Wilmington, NC          Resigned
Bill White     Roanoke Virginia        Kicked Out
Mike "Doc" Synder     Florida          Resigned
Dean Roberts     Minnesota             Kicked Out
Peter Rugg     Kansas     Reporter:    Resigned
Gordon Young     Sharpsburg, Md        Kicked out
Brian     Georgia                      Resigned
Matt Ryan     South Carolina           Resigned
Justin Boyer     Ohio                  Kicked out
Mike Downs     Norfolk, Virginia       Resigned
Nate     Georgia                       Resigned
Travis     Tulsa Oklahoma              Resigned
Lisa     Tacoma, Wa                    Resigned
Reece Terril     Conneticut            Resigned
Laura Terril     Conneticut            Resigned
Brian Philips     New Jersey           Resigned
Joe Nunen     South Carolina           Resigned
James Kennedy     South Carolina       Resigned

Those reported communicating with with the above
traitors face stern displinary measures and/or
complete expulsion from America's Nazi party.

-NSM Commander Jeff Schoep

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