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Utterly terrified by the fact that has released completely legal and totally free downloads of Zogs Nightmare and Zog's Nightmare 2 video games, the NSM lie-machine has been thrown into overdrive!

A very creatively written email sent by NSM Server administrator John Schafer dated October 22, 2007, tried to persuade NSM world members with techno-babble and science fiction, not to download the free versions of the ZOG Games.

Why are they so scared? Because the National Satanist Movement stands to lose thousands since the author of all the Zog's Nightmare games has released free versions containing every level!

The free videogame downloads weren't available until November 1, 2007. So we are wondering how the NSM so-called "software team", which doesn't exist, examined the downloads October 22, 2007,
which, at that time, didn't exist?

That email was even posted on Proving that it was made October 22: nine days before we put the games online, Nov. 1, and two days before even went online!

They had been warned earlier that we were going to release these games so the idiots at the NSM attempted a pre-emptive strike. Here's the NSM's
science-fictionish attempt at preventing the loss of all videogame sales:


*The NSM Software Development Team Warns of Spyware in Illegally DownloadedCopies of Zogs Nightmare Games I & II* 22.OCTOBER.2007 - Minneapolis, MN

Recently, the NSM's Software Development Team (NSMSDT)
(doesn't exist!)

was alerted to a few sites offering downloads of the "Zogs' Nightmare" series, illegally.
(Our version is completely legal, it has all the NSM shit purged!)

The NSMSDT has analyzed both Zogs' Nightmare I & II and found the digital signature has been altered.
(Game wasn't even released when you examined it!)

First and foremost, the Zogs' Nightmare series is only available through the NSM Store, NSM88 Records and exclusive retailers. Downloadable versions of Zogs' Nightmare will never be offered by the NSM or any of its retailers save the Zogs' Nightmare demo.

Our software engineers
(who don't exist)

are still analyzing the various versions of the illegal downloadable files found online and so far have found a possible computer and internet protocol address verifier, or CIPAV that has been injected & bundled with the original source files.
(John Schafer techno babble aren't you amazed?)

This is a very small little file that adheres to your computer at the kernel level hiding it effectively from anti-virus and anti-spyware defense.
(The real professionals will tell you that this is quite impossible, Just more of John Schafer's Science fiction....)

When players start the illegally downloaded versions of Zogs' Nightmare 1 & 2, the software on computers that have an Internet connection uses this connection to transmit the name of the computer being used and the name of the user signed in to the Windows session. Most alarmingly, the software also transmits the IP address of the player's computer.
(zog was created with FPS Creator software which is far too simple to do any of this crap John is again full of shit!)

The NSMSDT will be investigating this matter in an attempt to analyze where the information is being sent. Some of our sources have suggested that the culprit may be the ADL, but this has not been confirmed.
(HAHAHA!! The jews aren't the only enemy of the white race, what about traitors like John Schafer and Jeff Schoep?)

We are urging all people that want to play Zogs' Nightmare to ONLY purchase a copy from NSM88 Records or one of our exclusive retailers.
(Please don't wreck our videogame sales! Please spend your money on the NSM so Jeff can keep his boozing wife well stocked in expensive vodka!)

If you have illegally downloaded a copy of Zogs' Nightmare I or II, we urge you to delete it from you system immediately, save all personal files, re-format your hard drive and reinstall your operating system from scratch to guarantee that you computer has not been compromised.
(This ought to scare the shit out of you! John hopes this will keep people from playing the free downloads that weren't even available when this email was created!)

(doesn't exist)

will not be taking any further action in regards to a patch as
none of the LEGAL versions of the games have been compromised. The only compromised games have been from sites that are offering the software illegally for download.
(again no sites were offering it when this Schafer's bullshit was written.)

Every game disc has a digital signature that can be verified
(More of John's lies)

by our software team
(that doesn't exist)

in which they can immediately tell if the program was tampered with.
Furthermore, an electronic serial number is included with each game,
(More of John's lies)

an internal license key, and if this software is distributed illegally online
the NSMSDT can track the the illegal content by license number.
(Johnny boy, your spreading on the bullshit mighty thick!)

The NSMSDT had the digital signature and serial numbers compiled to the final source code before the games went to pressing in order to help fight pirated software.
(Lies upon lies: the game doesn't even have serial numbers,
I should know because I create it!)

You have to admit that Schafer the geek is very creative with all that Scienceious-ficitious techno-babble. We wonder if the lonly computer-geek Johnny-boy watches Star Trek?

The NSM stole the nukeisrael domain name from the author of the Zog's Nightmare Games. So now we have made those games available free online as payback for their crimes.

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